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Laurel Mountain Breaking News

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The Johnstown Tribune Democrat reports that The Buncher Company, recent buyers of nearby Hidden Valley, is considering operating Laurel Mountain. Officials from the DCNR report that no new lease agreement is in place and there will be no skiing at Laurel this season. Details are here:

Hidden Valley Owners Eye Laurel Mountain

If this deal happens it will mark the first time Laurel has been operated by an owner with the capital to make it work. Buncher CEO Thomas J. Balestrieri states that they would run Laurel as a community service. With the improvements at Hidden Valley and new owners improving Seven Springs add an open Laurel Mountain, skiing in Western PA will be a great Mid-Atlantic destination.
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Wouldn't that be something! I look at the money being poured into Seven Springs and Hidden Valley with the new ownerships and have to wonder if the people committing the money for the upgrades aren't just a little concerned with the recent "lousy" winter weather we have the majority of the last 8-10 years. I have to admit, I know absolutely nothing regarding the economics of running a ski area but still think good conditions increase skier days at a ski area. That being said, last year's Christmas at Seven Springs offered terrible skiing but the hotel was filled because reservations were made well in advance. Maybe our fluctuating week to week weather from Dec- March doesn't effect the revenues all that much at these areas.
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That is great news. Hopefully someone will actually pull the trigger on LM.
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Some more encouraging signs that there is hope for Laurel Mountain from the private sector. Here's a link to the Johnstown Tribune Democrat and their story on the latest developments:

County backs effort to reopen Laurel Mountain

The news articles fuel reason to be hopeful with this latest bid to open Laurel. Many deals have been rumored over the last year and a few suitors came close to tying the knot but got cold feet at the alter.

From the information in this article it seems that the obstacle to the deal lies with the DCNR (PA State Parks). Why else would commissioners from two counties lobby Michael DiBerardinis, head of the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources? It just seems to me that this type of communication between politicians and state bureaucracy wouldn't be happening unless the politicians were reasonably certain of the Buncher Co.'s interest.
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Hope for Laurel is still alive. Here's a link for the latest news:

Here's a link for an on going thread on DCSki:

Laurel Mountain Breaking News

Start on page 3 for the latest leading up to the above link.
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New information in this new thread:

Need Help From Mid-Atlantic Bears
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In today's Pittsburgh Tribune Review December 2012 is targeted as opening for Laurel Mountain:

Laurel Mountain On Its Way Up Again

When news first broke that the project was delayed from letting bids this summer I was convinced that the end game stall and cancel was at hand but in this article Terry Brady, deputy press secretary for the DCNR, is quoted in as saying, "even with the huge state budget cuts proposed by Gov. Tom Corbett, the funding for the resort was never in question."

This is the most definitive news that Laurel will finally be restored. I'm somewhat surprised to read that design work was still not finished. Perhaps environmental studies and the permit process is a part of that.

I'm anxious to hear from Seven Springs and their hopes and plans for the resort and nearby Laurel Mountain Village.

It appears that Laurel will finally get the upgrades and improvements needed to compete into the 21 Century.

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This is indeed the most promising notice to date.  I was by Laurel last week and noticed the Village sewage project is underway also.  SS should have all they need to get off their duffs and get moving now!.

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Looks like the development team will need to expand your ambassador signature space

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Great news!  I'll stay tuned and hope to sample those tree lines soon!

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SOunds awesome. I am headed up to 7 springs Memorial day and will probably hike around there on Sunday. I hope to ride more of the Great Allegany passage from Cumberland to Frostburg on Sat.

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Originally Posted by Pandita View Post

SOunds awesome. I am headed up to 7 springs Memorial day and will probably hike around there on Sunday. I hope to ride more of the Great Allegany passage from Cumberland to Frostburg on Sat.

Nice! DH and I were debating heading up there for part of the weekend. We'll see . . .

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