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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
Apparently, my messing with Quick9 did not come across. It was the Red 1° Beast I sent him and he measured.

Pasted from an email response to Quick9 after he asked if I was kidding:

As the graphic shows, the differences equates to 3/16" of lateral knee movement. That's nothing to me and most skiers. The question is with the tools you own, is it more important to 'know' exactly to the nth degree what the angle is or whether or not you can turn them? I know what is important to me and getting lost in absolute precision is secondary to taking care of your gear and making them perform as expected and desired, along with other priorities. Consistency is more important to me and I know I can easily adjust to the small difference in angles for my purposes. I can also use any tool I choose. They are all at my fingertips. Others have other needs and nailing and knowing the precise angle is important to them. For precision you have to pay more and spend more time and requires a bit more skill.

Are you someone who knows the difference, thinks he knows the difference or realizes it's not as critical and saving a few bucks is more important, while at least taking care of the basics.
DOH! I missed the kidding part. My skis feel fine - I feel fine on my skis. But, I'd sure like to know what I'm at now for base bevel.

From now on, I think I'll use only the .5 Base with the file and then either polish with the .75 for (hopefully) less than 1 degree OR polish with the SVST 1 degree for 1 degree.

I can always remove more if I need to.

Great experiment - thanks.

Now, how about a Side of Beast PRO experiment? :-)
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OK, what the hey, I've just shipped to Quick9:

-T4B2002TX Tools4Boards Razor 3 in 1 Ski & Snowboard Base & Side Edge Tool
-T4B2017T Tools4Boards Xact 3 in 1 Ski & Snowboard Base & Side Edge Tool
-SM03071 Maplus/SkiMan Adjustable Base Edge Tool 0.5 - 1.5 degrees
-MBEFG5 SkiMan Base Edge Bevel Tool-1 degree

to test (and hopefully send back someday ).

Since these, like The Beast, will be 'open boxes', I'll place them in the store for anyone wishing a reduced price for a new guide after they've been tested. Maybe I ought to charge more since they'll be calibrated.....hmmmm :.

Just like the Beast tested, these are random and may or may not be indicative all similar bevels tools.

One thing about a greater bevel angle is that it is easier (more forgiving) for initiating and finishing turns, IME....and if it's icy, it's beer thirty.:

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