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Squaw Weekday Crowds

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I've lucked out this year and have the opportunity to do some midweek skiing at any of the Tahoe resorts or I could go back to Little/Big Cottonwood Canyons. I love Solitude because you've got the place to yourself on a Wed/Thursday but I've always wanted to ski Squaw Valley. I've heard horror stories about Squaw on the weekends but what's it like during the week?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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pretty laid back. unless it is a powder day. on a powder day it will be packed till about 1130 - when it is all
tracked out. then you can have to the mountain to yourself.
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Echo sentiment. Squaw is pretty vacant weekdays. Powder days - there are a few favorite lifts, but crowding can depend on how quickly the mountain opens.

Personally, I don't think Squaw is that bad on weekends. Just a few lifts have lines - Shirley, Granite, Siberia. There are a lot of secondary lifts open during these periods. Parking/road traffic can be a little slow
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