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best boots for all terrain?

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Ok, I bought my newphew he K2 darkstar but he needs boots. (didn't tell me they got snagged as well) He's a size 10.5, normal to narrow foot. Any help with last years stuff would be a big help.
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Salomon's tend to be narrower sb boots. I bought a pair of Dialogue's last year and love them. They also have these nifty handles that allow you to get in and out of them pretty quick. You should be able to find them at a nice price this year.
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thanks! I will do a search.
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With snowboard boots the best thing you can do is take your Nephew in and see what fits him. Salomon is as good a place as any to start with, but I would try on several brands. Just to see what fits his foot best.
That is the one piece of equipment you want to get right.
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I assume its the same as skis. The problem is that he's in College and I am not really near him. He had Salomons and they fit him very well so I am assuming(trouble) that if I got him another 10.5 Salomon, they should be OK. He can always return????? Trying to do the best I can with what I have.
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I found some over at Sierra Jims place, 1/2 off. In general, what size would you get for a 10.5 foot?
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A 10.5...
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I'm looking at getting some new boots in the not so distant future. is there anything to look for other then just getting ones that fit nicely?
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I agree that trying them on is the best option. Ask about the return policy when buying them.
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
I found some over at Sierra Jims place, 1/2 off. In general, what size would you get for a 10.5 foot?
It sounds like he was in 10.5 Salomons before? Sizing can change from year to year and model to model, but that's what I'd go with.

If 10.5 is the street shoe, many people downsize from street size. While some people ride well in plush socks, many people find they prefer only a thin liner sock and this among other things affects how much you downsize. As to what else one looks for in a boot, there are lots of variables including riding style that have some affect along with simple personal preference. As Killclimbz said, there's really no substitute for going into a good shop with several lines of boots, with the socks you plan to wear, when you can take the time to try on several options. Obviously, if you take the time to try on several boots there and find what you want to go with, they've earned the sale, too, you don't then go and buy them on the internet.

There are several internet merchants with very generous return policies as well if you have lots of time and no shop nearby, but then what you pay in time is often more expensive. has really good staff that will take the time to give great advice in my experience, though there are other really good online shops too. One option is to order several boots and return the ones you don't want, check to make sure they're cool with this, obviously, and make sure you dog doesn't hurl breakfast on the returns. :
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Ended up with ordering two pairs of Salomon Dialogue boots from; a 10.5 and a 10.0. Like I said, I can't get him to anyplace to try on, He's in college in Newark NJ, not many shops around there they have a 30 day return policy and they were $129 including shipping. Reviews I found were very positive for a good all-around boot. Thanks. Ski stuff I know but snow board stuff, still learning. I don't like going to a good shop and then ordering on line. If it was sports authority or something, i wouldn't care but that's low.
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