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buying 1st pair

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I am from Louisiana but I will be living in Park City for the winter. I love to ski, and I plan on doing so six or seven days a week until the end of the season. I am not a very good skier, but I’ve had a few lessons. I am comfortable on blues, and I can ski blacks but my technique breaks down and I am not very comfortable. I would say that I am probably a 5 or 6 in skill level.

Anyway, all the advice I have read suggests that I buy used skies or get some beginner skies that allow me to improve. However, I don’t want to outgrow my skies after a month and need another pair (I can’t really afford two pairs of skis). Since I’ll be skiing so much, should I buy skis recommended for better skiers than myself and work hard to grow into them? Or should I follow conventional wisdom and buy some beginner skis to help me improve?

I’m obviously going to demo before I buy. Also, how important is it, that I stick with one instructor for the season (as opposed to getting a different instructor each time I get a lesson) Thanks for the help; this site has been greatl so far.
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Nice plans for the winter!

If I had to make a choice with limited funds, I would buy the better ski and plan on growing into it. You will probably advance quickly and outgrow any beginner/intermediate ski fairly soon. And that can be frustrating. If you do buy used, you can probably get a recent model expert ski for a decent price. There are many expert skis that will do just fine by an intermediate, with room to grow, but some should be avoided because they demand a lot. What is your height and weight? Any preference for groomed vs. powder?
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Thanks for the help; that's sort of the answer I was hoping for. I am 6'3 and weigh 190. I don't really have enough powder experience to say, but I am looking for a 1-quiver or all mountain.
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