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"Zuma" skis?!

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Anyone ever heard of "zuma" skis? From what I understand, they are made by snowjam. IIRC, snowjam makes alright skiboards. Anyone think these 'zuma' skis are alright? Basically, I'm looking for cheap twin tips for my brother, who won't ski on anything else. He seems to be under this misconception that one needs twin tips or similar to go in the park, but somehow I can manage to screw around in the park on volkl p50's. It must be magic or something. : Anyway, he'd probably outgrow these in a 2 years, and I don't think he'd be very hard on them (he's alright on skiboards, but kind of sucks on actual skis). Basically, he'd be hitting some small boxes with them, and hitting small kickers, and that's about it.

So, anyone think these are worth 100 bucks? I have some old marker 5.1's or similar for them.

I guess what I'm trying to get at is, are these thing just going to ski like crap, and delam the first time out after hitting a small jump, or are they going to last at least a season?

Ski in question-

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It is a kids ski so the 99 bucks isn't that far off. they are cool looking, if he likes them, what the heck as a buddy of mine would say...'I would pay a hunnerd bucks to watch a monkey have its way with a coconut' .
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
'I would pay a hunnerd bucks to watch a monkey have its way with a coconut' .
This thread is useless without pics.

Oh, wait -- wrong site.
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Just got word from a shop selling Zuma skis...they are manufactured by the big company Swallow Skis...built in China. Long history making skis...they sell lots of them in Europe...very strong in the kids' markets. Apparently a pretty good ski for the money...I have not personally handled a pair...but for that price...sheesh...wreck 'em and buy another !
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Just received a pair of 2008 Swallow Zuma (Japanese design manufactured in China - Swallow Skis is a big, 50+ year old company) twintips to review (Surf SC-8 170cm). Wood core, triax fiberglass, sandwich construction, very snappy and responsive flex...little dampening, thin profile, very nice finishing job. The best part....MSRP is $230 ... I found brand-new pairs on Ebay for $139 + $16 shipping. These could be the bargain of the century for families!

After just testing a $3,000 ski, testing a $200 ski will be very interesting! Stay tuned...probably have first review next week.

[Swallow Ski catalog links (pdfs)]
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We bought a pair for my son he skis about 40 days on them each season for the past 2 seasons. they have held up great. he is a very aggressive youth skier. We would buy them again

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