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Hello to all! This looks like a really good group of nice and helpful people. My wife and I just moved to downtown SLC, picked up a couple of silver passes and plan on getting in 100 days this season before the worrying about the real world.

I would like to find someone who would be interested in skiing with an old man (40) who spends the day on blue and black about 50/50. Any area is fine. If I can't keep up on the harder stuff I will bow out to keep from holding you back, but i'm in pretty decent shape and hope to become salty as the season progresses. my wife and I are not quite on the same level as she has only done about 30 days total on skis over the last five years. Anyone on a low intermediate level is also welcome to respond in her regard.

Also thinking about doing the Solitude thing. Did an XTeam clinic in Big Sky last year and it was awesome.

Anyone who may be interested please send PM.

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Welcome. There is going to be an Epic Gathering (an informal gathering of Bears from around the world) and an Academy (4 days of skills instruction) in Utah in late January. Look for information on the forum start page near the top under Headlines.

As for local Salt Lake Bears I am sure you will meet some shortly.

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Welcome Okie

Not from Salt Lake City or even Western U.S. myself but welcome to the forum just the same. Always great to see new people come to the forum bringing all sorts of new experiences and perspectives.

Keep 'em turning!

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Hi there transplanted okie and welcome! Lots of folks here from your new home.

BTW for the record 40 is NOT old.
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Keep your eyes open around here, the SLC Bears will probably have at least a BBQ or something in the near future. Also in the works is a group ski day to be determined.

As for me, I hang out at Alta and Snowbird quite a bit. Be happy to take a few runs now and then with you! Good luck with the move!
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