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Equipment Suggestions?

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I'm looking for some suggestions as to what skis I should be looking at buying. I guess I would classify myself as a moderate skilled skier. I stick mainly to single and double diamonds when I'm skiing in the northeast in Vermont and I'll normally ski single diamonds out west with a few doubles here and there.

I'm a student at Penn State so I need a set that is versatile as far as location. The ski club at my school runs a variety of trips between the northeast and the west, so I'm really not too focused anywhere. Although when I do go west, I primarily like to stick to the powder as much as possible.

Right now I have a set of Atomic 7-18's which I bought 4/5 years ago. They were pretty heavily discounted and the store I bought them from didn't have too much information to offer.

I guess what I want to know is if I'll see a performance improvement if I buy new skis and which type of skis should I be looking at? Thanks for the help.

Additional Info:

6 Foot, 200 Pounds, Male

Style: I guess I take pretty aggressive lines on groomed runs. Not a lot of carving. I'm always going pretty fast, normally one of the fastest on whatever run I'm skiing. I'm trying to transfer this style into powder but I'm struggling with it right now. My powder skiing is a good deal slower with much wider cuts.
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I should also add that I'm a huge golfer and I know demoing is the best way to go about testing equipment, I'm just looking for anywhere to start. I've skied for about 8-9 years now and I have never paid much attention to my equipment. Any general idea where to start is greatly appreciated.
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What do you want to do to progress? Do you want to start carving or do you just want to go fast?
If it's the first option, a more advanced ski than the 7 series could be a starting point. If it's the second maybe a full face helmet?

Sorry, bad joke.

I think you could try a more advanced ski. If I'm correct the 7 series are somewhat lacking torsional stiffness. If you try a more advanced ski with a nice sidecut maybe the carving comes to you more or less automagically? I always suggest renting different skis, finding out what you like. Usually it's possible to change skis during the rental period. That gives a lot of value for money imo.
Watch out for dull edges. Sometimes you need to tell the shop to do the skis before you take them.
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I guess what I really want to do is work towards is a more controlled / back country style. I loved skiing the basins and bowls in Vail and I'd love to work towards a much more controlled style that would allow me to ski more natural runs. I hope this helps.
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