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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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Hi all:

haven't posted in a while as Ive been on vaca and havent wanted to LOOK at a computer let alone turn one on...but now the kids are back in school, and I have the next two days to myself. Thoughts, as always, turn to skiing (i need professional help, I think...)

I always meet september in a PANIC because i KNOW i could have spent far less time at the beach and more time in the GYM and now there are only two months left of the PRE-SEASON but looking back

- sure I could have done more, but Ive done more this season than I ever have. those wall-sits and "mountain-dancing" (thanks, Todd M for the idea...)have been paying off...far more stamina now, found some muscle groups i didn't even know I had.

- I read three skiing-related books over the summer...Bob Barnes' encyclopedia, Ellen Post Fosters "skiing and the art of carving" and Lisa Feinberg Densmore's "Ski Faster"

- took up in-line skating and sea kayaking.

- got a balance ball and a Vew - Doo board. (as soon as I take it out of the box, im sure it will do a world of good.)

- found this great forum, got great advice and learned much. (thanks, all.)

How did you all spend your summer vaca? all ready for the season? what are you going to do in the next month or so till the snow flies? ARE YOU READY???
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It's cold down here so I've been skiing - could not pass up on the opportunity to get that one in. Had 15 days so far this season, heading away tonight for another weekend. They expect the season to go until mid-October this year.

Spring is starting to appear here, new lambs bouncing around, daffodils are blooming. This is my favourite time at Wanaka, the colours are so strong on the clear days. Wanaka is the town where my favourite ski are is located. The town is at a low altitude so at this time of year on the warmer days, many skiers go for a kayak or a mountain bike at the end of the day. The brave may even go for a water ski.
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I got my butt whipped in a bunch of tennis matches, skied 10 days on Palmer, actually fixed some cars and now I'm rehearsing for the annual Wilhelm Tell drama(complete with horses, goats and cows) that New Glarus puts on every Labor Day weekend.
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Now, thats just plain MEAN, twoKiwis....you just wait till we're skiing and your not!! boy, will you hear about it!!!

SLATZ - REAL horses, goats and cows?
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Yup! The play is performed outside. The cows and goats are only used for the opening scene. You have to watch where you walk after that. One year, during the "apple shoot" scene, one of the horses threw one of the actors. Fortunatly no injuries and it added to the excitement necessary to pull off that scene.
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Tell us about Palmer....just looking at the mountain one would think theres nothing up there but rock; and lots of that
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It was skiable in mid July. Snow was going fast but weather was cool and some new. That's all I know.
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