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Looking to get off of race skiis.

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So I have a backround as a racer and have coached for several years. I have decided that I need to get back to spending more time making my own turns rather then watching other peoples. Even though I've been coaching I've still kept up masters racing so I haven't lost too much of my form. I've always been on Race equipment. The last couple of seasons it was on Fischer WC SL, and Nordica Dobermans, with Doberman 150 Boots.

So heres the question. I'm looking to get off the race equipment and onto some more versatile skiis. Also I wouldn't mind getting a boot that is a little higher volume. My problem is that it seems that there is a big difference in stiffenss between Plug boots and regular boots now (it seemed that you used to be able to find stiffer off the shelf boots). As an example I've tried Nordica's speedmachine 14 and it seemed a too soft. So does anyone have any suggestions for reasonably stiff non plug boots?

Also I'm looking to get something a little more versatile for skiis. I'm in the east so that means alot of hardpack, but I am planning on booking it down to Jay, Tremblant and the northern states whenever they get hit. I was looking along the lines of the Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel XBS Alu or the Hot Rod Modified XBS Alu. Does anyone have any suggestions. I know I'm not going to find race performance out of a mid fat, but as I understand it there are some pretty solid skiis out there.



PS I'm thinking around a 178cm
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Blimey - I've got Speed machine 14's and they feel pretty stiff.

I think they're the stiffest you can get from Nordica.

Maybe put some softer inner boots into your race boots or take the stiffest recreational boots and foam inject.

Moving from racing skis to mid fats you're going to have the same problem. I got some Dynastar Mythic Riders which are great off piset and can stilll hold an edge on an icy piste if you give them a bit of pressure. Don't know about Nordica skis.... You seem to be a Nordica fan?
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I'm in the same position as you. But I'm thinking about solving the problem with one pair for typical eastern hardpack days and then demoing and/or eventually adding to the quiver for 3D snow days and trips west. So, as a result I'm probably looking at narrower waisted skis than you for the main eastern ski (I can leave true SL skis behind but I think I'll be disappointed if I lose too much edge to edge quickness by going to a midfat for everyday use). Tigershark 10 switch, Course 11/Ltd, Speedwave 14, Speedmachine Mach 3, RC4 Progressor, iSupershape Magnum, Chip Supershape and the like are on my list. But I could also see going wider to, say, AC30 type ski.
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I have experience with Nordica but I'm not limited to them. I listed them because they seem to have a semi race construction. For boots I was thinking maybe along the lines of the Lange 130HV. I've heard that they are less of a narrow boot these days and more along the lines of mid volume, like Rossi. That said I have no Idea how they are for flex.
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How far over do you want to swing the pendulum? My first thought of a ski for you was that Top Fuel (or maybe even the Jet Fuel). Jet Fuel if you are going with one ski, Top Fuel if you are going to add something over 90mm.
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I think any non race boots are going to feel "soft" to you because they are not what you are used to, but once you are on the slope, softer boots might work just fine with softer snow and softer skis. OTH I just bought Soly X-Wing Furies as an everyday E-coast ski, so I am at the opposite end of the spectrum
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Stockli Stormrider XL or XXL, they both have excellent edge grip and some width for versatility.
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Demo, Demo, Demo lol
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Well I'm still in the east so there is a good chance I'll be doing 70% of my skiing on groomed and hard. However I'd like to have something a bit wider so that when I do go chasing snow I don't hit rock bottom right away.
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I love my 06-07 Blizzard Titan Nines. They feel like an old school GS ski but are 86 in the waist, they are a great all mountain tank for a stronger skier. The new Elan Magfire 14 has been billed as a super beefy ski along the lines as the Jet Fuel, but beefier, I refer to the ski as a race stock all mountain ski.
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Thanks for the input. That seems to give me a good direction, but if there are any other comments or suggestions it's all appreciated.
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How about a Head Monster 78?--I have the previous version (the iM75) and like it a lot--and skied crud and powder on it until recently. It was fine for a foot in the trees and could manage bowls, though it wouldn't be my ski of choice there. The Heads are stiff and like speed, I imagine they would feel on the "race ski" end of all-mountain, though I haven't raced, so I can't really say.
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819, do you want a mid fat that leans toward your race stock properties? If so, then Philpug has good suggestions with the Hot rod Series, or the Elan Mag 14. If not, then I'd consider the Blizzard Titan Cronus (Argos if you want to go a bit more extreme ).
The Cronus will be outside the box of what you're used to skiing.
As for your boot questions, you may want to post a question in our Ask a boot guy forum area and get some feedback from experts in the boot field
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As for the boots: I would try the Dobie Pro 130's. they are wider & slightly softer. I have Doberman WC 150s, Dobie Pro 130s, & Tecnica Diablo ?something @ a 100 flex (this is the rec boot, non-plug, all mtn).

The 150's are great if you are taking 2 race runs a day & it is 40* outside, the Recreational Dialbo Fire (i think) is nice for moguls, hucking, trees, powder......... the Dobie 130 is the best for east coast, hardpacking, race carving skiing.

As for the skis, i would stay w/ something racer-like; you will find that most all mtn boards will just plain let you down. I use a Fischer WC RC (cheater) in a 175 & love em! The progressor (wider RC) may be your ticket. Any thing much less will let you down in the turning department!
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