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would backpack help?

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I naturally carry a fair amount of "junk" with me when i ski like extra socks "hot pads" and other such things as i don't like to leave a bag inside... but i believe this is aggravating my back problems as its brining more wight forward and thus hurting my back so im wondering what you guys would think of a small bag to put all the stuff in a keep all the wight out of the front of my jacket.

Do you have any recommendations that i should look at? somthing that is comfortable to wear over a winter coat.

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Fanny pack:
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Those must be some heavy socks!

Unless you are really stuffing your pockets with lead, I suspect that weight has nothing to do with it, but you may be altering your posture due to the awkwardness of all that bulky junk in the front pockets. Get a small pack like this one http://www.mgear.com/pages/product/p...m/208428/N/977
if you want to ski with all of that stuff, or a waist pack may be all you need to unload the pockets.
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It doesn't make my back hurt it just makes it worse i noticed that in the store today as its got all my ski stuff in it that ever sence iv put it in there my back has been worse so i though that maybe investing in a bag would help..
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