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Good weather for skiing, but.....

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If you are looking for nice weather to hit the slopes then it is definately here at the moment, a week of clear, & realtively calm weather (even at Porter Heights). Last weekend was nuts both carparks were full, it was bad enough coming up the hill at 4pm to go to work. Have had five full days of snowmaking on the lower T bar & learner slopes.


Some natural stuff would be nice the big slopes are looking a tad thin & at this rate there won't be any new snow for another week. I know we don't get the big dumps her in NZ very often (Ok maybe never) but skiing man made powder ain't quite the same.
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grum and I went to Hutt last Sunday and it was very busy as well. Did not notice the crowds too much in the lift queues, but the car parks were full and they had us packed in very tight. They've built another car park down by one of the ridges and were shuttling skiers from there. Much better than shuttling them from the bottom of the hill.

The snow was very packed and firm in the busy areas, so they could also do with some more snow to soften things up a bit. Luckily I had just had my edges done, I neeeded it. I skied the South Face for the first time and it was sheet ice, very scary, was thankful to get down in an upright position, a fall would have resulted in a rather long slide.

I am heading down to Cardrona for a couple of days this weekend. Cover looks good down there on their web cam, but is diffcult to tell how firm it is. Don't normally ski Cardrona but am taking my sister and young nephews down, its a great place for the kids to build up confidence.
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I skied Craigieburn on Saturday....Nice dust on crust....but only nice if your tracks were fresh (not to hard to find at craigie) because the crust was very hard.....

I have just run away to Queenstown for the rest of the winter....I couldn't hack being a city dweller...not eve in CHCH....as for snow not much at all, but I don't see anyone hiking for turns here, so there are always fresh turns to be had you just have to earn them!
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Tom - enjoy Queenstown. Make sure you get over to Treble Cone (I have no doubts you will), I expect once you sample Treble Cone and compare it to Coronet and the Remarkables you will be moving to Wanaka.

Remarkables has a lot of terrain only accessible by hiking, so you should enjoy that aspect of it. After getting to see you in action at Craigieburn, I expect you will find their on-piste slopes a bit boring. Coronet has more bumps and hollows making it mroe interesting - when it has good cover. You have certainly picked a good year to come, the season has had a good early start. August is always my pick of the months for taking leave to ski, but not this year as a summer holiday in France beckons.

There is usually more work in Queenstown than Wanaka, as long as you have somewhere to live - but then there is always the back of your Subaru [img]tongue.gif[/img] . They don't insulate the houses any better down there than they do in CHC, so make sure you find somewhere warm :

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Julie, if the cover is ok at Cadrona then Scum valley is my pick. Cadrona can be the pick due to the higher & drier theme.

Best of luck.
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