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Foot pain?

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Hi, I've had my boots for about two seasons now, got ~175 days on them. I know very little about boots but got them from a shop reccomended on here, but I'm not sure if I got the right boots.. in any case the plastic flaps that go over the boot tongue are both cracked at the bend in two places on both sides, on both boots.. so its probably time for new boots?

I got custom insoles made for them, the ones where you sit in a chair (semi weighted?), and I wear orthotics in my daily shoes because I pronate a lot. I have skinny feet and skinnier calves. I've had good days on my boots but I've also had a lot of days where the bottoms of my feet were just burning (like today, opening day). By the end of the run I'd have to open all my buckles just to let everything calm down. It's not a sharp pain in my arch like I've read some people describe, its just a burning across the whole bottom of the foot. As the day progresses the burning comes faster and faster and lasts longer and longer to the point that sometimes I'll only be halfway down a run (longs runs mind you, whistler) but i'll have to stop for a few seconds because of my feet.. not my legs. And my shins often get sore (but not shin bang, that has happened but always from extremely backseat landings). I'm skiing on Lange comp 120's, medium fit i believe. 184 B-Squads. 6', 160lbs. I'm also fairly knock kneed, I attempted to see what it would be like if I didn't ski so much on my inside edges last year so I put a couple of layers of duct tape on my bindings on the inside side and while I fiddled with various amounts of tape I eventually found the skis squirrelier on the flats and harder to carve and edge? I think I normally ski with 95% of my weight on my downhill ski.

So, I hope thats enough information, when I go to get fitted again what do I need to know, what should I ask to make sure I get in the right boots? What typically causes that burning sensation? I don't know if I buckle my boots to tightly but if I buckle them down less (and how much I buckle them can vary throughout the day, or how cold it is), then they feel loose and unresponsive. I can't seem to find that sweet spot.. I've had good pain free days where I went all day without unbuckling them but more often than not they get unbuckled on the chair.

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Don't know, but my first thought is the footbeds may need some modification?
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Originally Posted by bud heishman View Post
Don't know, but my first thought is the footbeds may need some modification?
ive tried two different footbeds from two different shops, didnt change anything
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This is another one of those problems that will be very difficult to solve over the internet. Your best bet is to find a good boot fitter and see him/her in person.
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I agree with Bud that this sounds like a footbed or an overbuckling issue.

For a knock kneed skier putting shims on the inside increases inner edge pressure. It does not decrease it. Your results were correct. Try moving your cuff inside instead. Then the shims may be effective, but first align cuff properly.

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