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Gotama size ?

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I'm looking at a pair of used Gotama06/07 183 S914 bindings. Good shape, he says. I'm 6-0 200lbs, expert Tahoe Area Skier. Is this too short for a powder/chute/tree ski for me? What is a fair price for this ski used. Thanks
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You could certainly ski the 190cm, I ski the 190 in VT and our trees are spaced a bit tighter than yours, the Goat is a quick ski for it's size. The 183 will be fine if you value maneuverability over stability (or you're a chick)...and your shopping used skis so I suppose you gotta get what you can get.

Used prices are all over the place. It really depends on the ski's condition, I'd say $250 for a hammered pair to $500 for a really well taken care of pair, for a ballpark range.
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Thanks for the info, I'll look for a 190 Goat and a 184 Mantra, see what pops up first.
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I like the 183 (I'm roughly your size. 5' 10", 205lbs) as an everyday ski, but I like the 190 for a more dedicated pow/open bowl/maching machine.

The 183 is still plenty stable, but a bit more "turny" than the 190.

Unless you are the mach looney type either would work for you.

As far as value...Goats are very in-demand skis and command premo top dollar, except for really beat skis. The s914's are also quite valuable, so depending on condition, model year and amount of binding mounts this setup could command upwards of the top range for this ski.

In the ballpark of $550-700, if in really premo shape, for 06-07' (white tops) with s914's...If less than the low range I mentioned then they are a steal.
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