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I've lost it...

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Ok, so last day at work b4 thanksgiving holidays in Whistler, more work to do than is humanly possible and now I've checked the Whistler website.....

Current Conditions

- Mid-mtn snow=79cm (2.6ft). New snow in the last 7 days 42cm (1.4ft)
- Alpine forecast: 30-50 cm (12-20in) of snow is expected over the next 24 hours !!!
- over 100 snow guns blasting on both Whistler and Blackcomb.

I'm sure half of this is exagerated hype for thier opening day on Thurs..but I'm sooooooooooo damn excited have lost all hope of achieving anything this afternoon...well except for maybe a few beers after work

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!!

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have a safe trip Jane.

lucky bum....

I'll be stuck here in the city.
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Whistler seems to be pretty honest on their website.

Like they say in the locker room, if it's true, it ain't bragging.
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If you are up through the weekend I think you will be in for a treat. Heavy storm cycles are blowing in with snow levels dropping to 2500' by Friday up here in the PNW. That is the Cascade forcast but should be very close to the same up at Whistler.
Snowlevels are around 4500' right now and dropping as the week continues. Whistler should be getting dumped. The only down side to this whole story is that heavy winds are expected as well.

Have Fun!!!
Have fun!!!!
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thanks ! its going to be sweeeeeeeeetttt and yeh the wind could suck...but I'm willing put up with it for my first turns of the season...if the weathers really really really really bad I guess I'll just have to exercise my drinking arm

Its all GOOOOOD !!!
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Hi Jane; Whistler's website could hardly be called honest. I'm going up there next Sunday for a few days, and am a bit concerned about snow cover. The reports they give are for the alpine; mid mountain and the valley are a whole different story. It's been raining hard here lately, with temps about 13degC at sea level. Usually it needs to be below 9 here to get desirable snow down to mid mountain. The mountains lining the Fraser Valley are bare of snow up to the treeline.

Unless that trend changes, we'll likely find pretty good skiing to about 1/2 way down the Solar Coaster on Blackcomb, 1/2 way down the the Big Red Express on Whistler. 7th Heaven and the Peak will rock, but be very crowded, This can be expected when you take all the people that normally would be distributed on all the lifts and runs, and restrict them to a few.

On the bright side, all that can change in 2 days of heavy precip with low freezing levels. Remember, Whistler has several different climatic zones you pass through in 5000' of vertical, so the trick is to ski it like a layer cake. Somewhere up there, I have always found decent untracked pow, even 3 days after a storm with relatively high freezing levels. Lotsa people, but lotsa room for them all. Best bet for the coming week might be the sub-alpine trees... perhaps the Everglades or the West Bowl?

Best of luck to us!
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I've got to say that I've looked at their site daily for the last couple of weeks and I haven't seen much in the way of accumulations.

The site says the base is 31 inches. 3 inches of snow in the last 48 hours. 16 inches in the last week.

Here's a pic from Whistler Creek:

Hope it does dump for you and if not you can always find a good time in the village.

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I just checked out which runs/lifts they siad are going to be operating...it doesn't seem to gel with the advertised snow cover... but your right its going to be very very crowded on a few runs....

oh well, sounds like there may be some quality time spent at the bar ...its going to be trouble...I can smell it from here...oh dear.. all this built up excitement...mixed with beer, beer and more beer...god I can't wait

see ya later !
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You can get it riding
You can get it sliding
In fact I've got it now
A big cold thirst needs a long cold beer and a long cold beer is ...... Labatts ...uh!

I hope you find some VB up there.

Enjoy the holiday you lucky lucky girl.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oz - stop teasing !!! thats just plain mean...VB...hmmmmm I can almost taste it....or better yet a Boags would go down real nice.....alas no VB that I've ever seen in Whistler, not for sale anyway. Although with half the community being Aussies I'm sure theres a slab lying around somewhere.

oh well 4 weeks and I'll be soaking up some rays and sipping on a cold one back in Oz.

but for now...I'm outta here...time to have a few pre trip beers and then pack....maybe I should pack before going for beers....ahh beers, pack, beers...its all good !

Sugar Snack - like your vid...real classy stuff !


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finnish beer rocks! karhu 8 vol. mmmmm... best you can get, it tastes so good. but who drinks beer if you can drink good irish whiskey?
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