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I'll be in Neustift in the last week of february. I've been there more than 10 times. (First time in 1981).

I'll mention some ski area's. Overthere.

Serlesbahm Mieders: A realy simple piste in the lower part of the valley. Only suitable for first timers.

Slick2000 Fulpmes: This is a larger ski area. Easy and harder stuff possible. Realy bad point is that slick2000 is located on te sunny side of the valley. When conditions deteriorate Slick2000 turns into one big mountain of ICE.

Elfer Lifte Neustift: Not realy big. But I realy love this place. When you take the route all the way down you will get normal piste, buckles (Bumps), can take paths, some off piste (Although dey do not like it overthere). The view is realy nice overthere. Paraskiing is posible. Hang gliding too. There is a realy nice Rodelbahn (ski sled) overthere. They used to have Rodel sessions in the dark too.

Stubaier Gletscher: Snow is great overthere (Top piste is on 3300m). Services (food, shops, etc) are excellent. Food isn't that expensive either too. Most of the pistes are red/blue. Some are black. Off piste is nice but nog that difficult (no trees). If you like to ski fast and SG style. This is the place! The route all the way to the valey is nice too. The last part of that route tends to get a bit mushy.

Why do I go to the Stubaital. Most people from The Netherlands go to the Winterberg, Zillertal or france. I'm going with my wife and five year old sun and do not want to get drunk every night in the pubs. The nightlife in Neustift is quiet. Restaurants are okay. Nog disco/pub's though.

Have fun!
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Merry Christmas Kirpeknots!!

Thanks so much for the information.

Well, I can see you really like Stubai. That's great!

We are going just few days, begin of February.
Your considerations sounds great for us, same way, I'm going with my wife and 14 year old son.

We are intermediate level, this will be our 10thº ski time. Maybe Level 6 for me, level 7 for my son, and 5 for my wife. groomed terrain. You can imagine... a sunny day on the white scenario at the mountains for us is absolutely amazing. Our dream is to have long runs, blues, reds!! Who knows, some black...

In USA, people call those slopes as "express greens"

Our first goal is to weak up early, in order to enjoy all day long at the slopes. So, a dinner with a glass of wine is enough to relax and recharge the body and soul for the next ski day.

We also thought about other places as 3 valle-France and Zeermat-Switzerland too. But Innsbruck and Stubai became a better choice for us, regarding prices+the whole trip package. Because we are going there from France, Germany and, going back through Italy and Switzerland.

I would like to ask you a question: Is the Wilde Grub'in skiable? Difficult?

So, thanks again and best regards,

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Merry Xmas too Edlam!

Wilde Gruben isn't that hard. Most of it is redish. The only difficulty is the bottom of it when the weather deteriorates. (More ice, mud and gravel than Snow). Last year the weather was pretty bad. Wilde Grubn was closed. Did it anyway. I didn't fount it a problem. (I am skiing for 26 years now)

Take the lift to 3300m (Top of Tirol) and from there Daunferner (7). You can continue on Wilde Grubn all the way down. Thats a great ride.
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I am currently in Zell Am See on my 1st skiing holiday with my Austrian GF and her family. The slopes of Schmittenhohe, Zalbach and Kietschenhorn (forgive the spelling) offer something for all levels (I am plowing the green/blues while the rest of the group are carving the blacks). The tickets are not cheap but no pricier than comparable European spots. There are many excellent pensiones (B&B type hotels) for the economy minded traveler. I recommend staying just outside of the town in Schutdorf or Tommasbach for better deals. Good luck! My Austrian friends tell me that Feb/March will be much nicer for skiing than the holiday season when the slopes are jam-packed.
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Hey b33g33!!!

Enjoy your trip, your gf, your "european family" and, of course the snow and the slopes!!!

Let us know what you like or dislike there??

I'm going to Stubai next Feb and will keep in tune

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Well, next week we'll be at Stubai Yeahhhhhhhh

Anybody there??

So, I would like to say THANKS to you all for the kind support and information

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I'm realy looking forward to your report. Post the pictures if you have them.

I'll be going there in 3,5 weeks. My Subaru Legacy is delivered saterday. So I'll test the car there too.
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We are back!!!

Hello all,

Fantastic, amazing, astonishing, great, etc, etc, etc,

We loved.

What can I say... All is great,

Alpen Hotel Fernau is a must! Gentle people, fantastic zimmer, great dinner...

Rent your equipment with Albin at Olympia - Neustift. Honest prices and good stuff.

Well, the Stubaier Glestcher mountain is... Absolutely amazing!!! All ski levels, great gondolas and lifts. We had been there on the most crowd week(carnival) and didn't wait more than 10 minutes in lines.

I'll post some pics soon.

We need get back there again !!!!!!::::::
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I came back yesterday. Had a lot of fun overthere.

Mini Me learned to ski and was cruizing down Mickey Maus Club together with all those other kamikaze's.

All those kids wearing their helmets resemble pinguins. Same way of waggling. Funny to see.

Wilde Grub'n is very overcrowded nowadays. I have added some pics to show the overcrowded slope.

There's a huge difference in ski ability and speeds between the people on this slope wich makes it a dangerous place in my opinion.

The rest of the gletcher is great. We didn't got much new snow. But there was plenty left from the weeks before. And the sun was great.

I did wreck my new ski's on the first day :/. The edge and the sidewall is wrecked.

We had a lot of traffic jams on our way back here. We did 13,5 hours on 1000km. I did the same route in 7 hours last year.

I would like to come to the Stubai Tal more often.
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Hello Kirpeknots,

Great to know you and your family had sunny and good days at Stubai.

"...There's a huge difference in ski ability and speeds between the people on this slope wich makes it a dangerous place in my opinion..."

I can't agree more. Was not a easy thing to down a crowd Wilde Grub'n, on the carnival week. Lot's of people. I need to say, two places, in special scared me, at the last 2 miles from the bottom. Really difficult, most because there were icy and, also some speedy skiers pass us as bullets .... :::

But, I survived !

Our travel from Paris to Stubai was easy. Just slow down for about 2 hours close to Ulm. After that the climb last step from Germany to Innsbruck/Stubai was at night and very tired. But we can arrive at our hotel in time to enjoy the dinner. .

We didn't back strait to Paris, we prefer to get some other places as Venezia and Luzern, so was very cool.

I'l try to put some pics too.

We loved absolutely all things and begin to plan the next one!!!!!!!

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Hey Mickey, are you seen the Kamikaze's????

Bernardo and Isabel at the left
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The HOtel owner envite us to participate of the Carnaval !!! :

It's a little bit different of our carnaval

They explain in each interval what is going on... In Germany !!!!
Of course, we don't speak Germany. But, we can realize the show represents a local folklore tradition, with lots of allusions of the pioneers.

I really think we were the first Brasilian guests there!!! Was amazing!!!
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