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Last pair of Fury's - to buy or not to buy that is my question

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I’m a newbie on this site and looking for a bit of help on a possible impulse purchase.
I’ve never really put much thought into what type of skier I am or concentrated on my technical abilities and how it applies to the skis.

After reading many of the threads my head is now spinning. I know there isn’t a simple answer, especially via forum’s but I like to make purchasing decisions based on research and don't have the time or patience to demo skis. I am willing to 'take a chance' on the purchase based on feedback.

Male, 5’8”, 160lbs, 48 years young
Been skiing for >35 years.
Living in Vancouver, BC.
Mostly ski Whistler and once every year or two head up to the Interior (Silverstar) and if I’m desperate I do some local mountains skiing (Grouse/Cypress).
I ski about 7-10x/year.
I’m an advanced skier, comfortable on most runs but will take the double blacks slowly and not too often.

I'm probably a level 7/8.
I like speed and I don’t mind bumps though my knees can’t go too long on the moguls.
I ski with my 3 girls who are between 12 & 16 years old and are not aggressive but can keep up with me and are comfortable on hard blues and some black.
I have never been comfortable in real powder – can’t seem to turn and control my skiing. Maybe because of either of my weight balance (old style – lean back) or my skis. But, would like to be able to ski it since I live in BC.
We like to play in the terrain park (no rails) mostly small jumps and ½ pipe goofing around.
We like moguls.
We love goofing in the trees and side runs.
We don't like following the pack.

We’d like powder if we could ski it properly.
I like open bowls and I like groomed runs.
I like to push myself. I like speed.
Because I live in BC, we get all types of snow – powder to ice.

The last 5 years I’ve been on Atomic 8.20 Skis, I think these were the beginning of ‘shape’ skis.

The ski shop I frequent has recommended:
Dynastar Legend 8000 (though I’m not sure I care for the graphics)
K2 Raider
However, I just found what I believe is the last pair of Salomon Fury 2006/2007 skis in the city for $600 CDN which I’ve put on hold. I believe this is considered a great deal in CDN terms as the 2007/2008’s Fury’s are selling for >$1000 CDN). These '06 skis are cheaper than the '07 Legend’s by ~$150.
So, the price of the Fury is attracting me to buying them. The salesman is leaning me toward the Dynastar’s.
Would I be happy with the Fury’s?
Are they really designed for 70% powder and 30% groomed?
Will I have trouble with them on groomed runs and icy days and bumps?

Thanks for your time!

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Well, I just bought a pair of furies (for $US 450 from evogear.com, incl bindings but not mounting--last I checked they still had them, so if you can drive to seattle, where they are located, or have a friend their accept delivery, that would be cheaper). I got them as a northern VT fattie: something that could handle a foot of powder, but also be nimble in trees and bumps. Haven't skied them yet, but from what I read they are fun and lively--I picked them because they seemed the best off trail ski that was bump and groomer friendly. In terms of the skiing you describe, the only thing you would probably give up is stability at speed in a chunky bowl, but whatever you find that has that won't be too much fun in the bumps. FWIW I'm 5-9" 185, , I got the furies in a 172 and they are filling a gap between some IM75 in 170 and Bandit XXX in 178.
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Thanks, Cometjo.
It seems that evogear are out of my size (163cm) but thanks for the tip!

I will only be investing in 1 pair of skis. I noticed that the center sidecut is ~87 and I was wondering if that was going to make a big difference in terms of my effort to do quick turns on groomed or chunky runs since most other skis I had looked at in my range were much narrower than that.
If anyone else has any comments on my question, I'd appreciate the input.
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I stand corrected, the center side cut on the 06/07 Fury's are advertised throughout the web as 83, though Salomon tells me that it is 81.
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If it helps, here's review for you. Sounds like a nice ski for lighter weights, so could work well for you.

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My understanding is that the Fury is slightly changed for the current year. From what I've heard (and I need to note that I have not skied either model), people tended to prefer the 06-07 model because it was a bit more forgiving. The Legend 8000 is an excellent ski for a wide range of BC resort conditions. I happen to love the feel of the 8800 (more comparable to the Fury, I think). However, it sounds like you have kind of made up your mind already. With the amount of time you are planning to put on them, I doubt that you would find a tremendous difference.
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