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NASA Photos

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This is not exactly an off season sport, but I wanted to post a link to some of the nicest shots of the space shuttle and the international space station that I've seen
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Wow... Those pictures are breath taking... Thanks for sharing...

I like your quote from Gen. Olds as well... My father flew with him and always considered him a class act.
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Amazing. I went to the last launch as a guest of my climbing buddy Scott Parazynski and then spent a few weeks cycling with friends in Nashville and Texas.
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Spec-f'in-tacular .... and I'm not even a space junkiie ...
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Thanks for posting those. I've always liked "photographs from space"; they just always make me feel very humble. My all time favorite though has to be Earthrise (the only space photograph I'm aware of that has a common name).

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Stunning. In case you were wondering, the second picture has New Zealand in the background. How cool!

It is the top section of the South Island, plus the bottom point of the North Island, where the city of Wellington is. Christchurch, where I lived for a few years, is next to the the lump on the right hand side of the bottom edge. The section of water between the islands is 'Cook Strait'. So if you want to find it on Google Earth this should give you enough points to search on.
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Beautiful pictures!
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