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Central NY boot fitter

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Can anyone recommend a boot fitter in the Syracuse, NY area? Not opposed to a drive to Albany or Rochester either. TIA
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I'd drive the extra and head to Mud Sweat and Gears in Ellicottville, NY.
See Miguel or Dennis. Weekdays are best, but call so they can expect you- weekends are nuts!
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I will second Miguel at MSG as well as suggest going to David Cardillo in Rochester. David operates the Foot Performance Center in Henrietta and works out of the former Snow Country location (now called Snow). I have had most of my work done by David and the staff from Snow Country, but Miguel also offers some of the best boot fitting in the state (possibly the country). I don't think you will go wrong with either location. I'd say that the fit and service you will get from either shop will be just as good, if not better than what you could get from traveling hundreds of miles away to go to a "big name" shop. If you need more info on either shop, send me a PM.
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I have had very good luck with Geoff @ Cayuga Ski & Cyclery in Ithaca.
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More of the Same

Here's another vote for Miguel. He is truly the best.

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Glenn Muxworthy at the Ski Company's Rochester store did a nice job on my Atomics. Not sure if he takes on any outside work, but even on a race form purchase he was willing to spend lots of time to make them fit right.
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Thanks for the info... Will take a look at making the drive to West. - Jeff
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