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Kirkwood master plan approved!

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Just got an email from them that finally finally got it approved.
3 New surface lifts next year, followed by a replacement of chair 4 by a high speed quad, followed by an all new lift to the top of 99 steps.
It should really make kirkwood's skiing so much better, with more variety and less hiking. Of course the hiking made that terrain fairly untouched, but this is a trade off I'm all for. Surface lifts will make the place feel unique for experts. Plus there will still be hiking to do, just more access.

and a whole bunch of condos i don't give a **** about.
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I wonder exactly what kind of surface tows they'll be using? Rope, handle, or platters?? Kind of like tow-in surfing above The Wave.
I agree that the surface lifts are a fascinating idea. I hope they are a big success, although sometimes they are not too boarder-friendly. Maybe other areas will follow as sort of a minimal footprint expansion technique.
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