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Seasons End....

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Went to go skiing this afternoon after work and the lifts were shut down.....Looks like the end for me this season...
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Went to the hill and cleaned out my locker always the saddest day of the year.
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Went to Smugglers Notch. Good news and bad news. The good news: Looks like the snow will last somewhat longer than I had thought. The bad news: Although some very fine snow was falling, several steeper or windswept sections of the trail were not firm, not icey, but ICE. This ice was impervious to edges. Didn't have any mishaps, but can't say I enjoyed it.

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Sorry to hear the season is ending pre-maturely for some.
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too bad, I went to Meadows for two feet of fresh on thursday and another foot+ today at Timberline. We are having the best snow of the year and it is just unv\believeable.!!!
but I do feel your pain, the end is near for all of us. (in this hemi)
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Were getting the best powder of the season right now in Utah...February was very dry.. that happens a lot, the February drought. Then if we get a wet spring the mountains just get hammered well into May. This spring has been real wet so far.. Heard we lost two teenage snowboarders just today in an avalanche in Brighton's backcountry. Too much some places, too little others.
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Glad to see that some are still able to make tracks. By the sounds of it great tracks!! Last season you guys got burned, so whats fair is fair...
Will still be hanging around as I will be looking for good off season training tips, and just the great yaking that goes on here.
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I'm pained to hear these "end of season" kinds of stories. I think I'd go into a serious depression if my local chairlifts stopped this early. If it helps anyone's plans for the remainder of this year, we just last week passed the halfway mark of this years' "chairlift season."
Our chairlifts usually stop sometime between Memorial Monday and the end of June so we have plenty of pow days ahead.
(Then there are those of us who don't know when to quit and keep skiing even when they stop, but that's a different story.)
Of course--Mammoth, Timberline, and a couple of others are open much later than that, so I'd suggest maybe moving?...
"Skiing: The underlying purpose of the Universe"
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by oboe:
Went to Smugglers Notch. ... several steeper or windswept sections of the trail were not firm, not icey, but ICE. .<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Was at Jay Saturday (hoping the rain in Waitsfield had been snow up there).

Ice top to bottom every trail. Others that skiied MRG said it was vertical ice skating not skiing.
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Unfortunately, We're winding down here in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate NY. Bristol (home area) is still open top to bottom-in fact they blew snow last nite, but most trails are fading fast or are closed. The Rochester area has gotten 35" of snow this winter-the average is 95"+ and last year we had 108". The Bristol management upgraded their already good snowmaking equipment last summer and did a fantastic job making snow-so the skiing was excellent despite the month late start. I figure we have another 10 days or so, but with very limited terrain. It seems like Vermont is pretty limited too, so late season driving trips may not work. Boy, I sure hate to hang 'em up this early!
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Season's end? It seems like the season never really got started in the east!
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We officially closed here in Ohio today. Tommorrow is staff only. I went skiing today in the slush.
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We officially closed today, Sunday, here in westren Mass.

Only got in maybe 20 days and that is probably stretching it a whole lot!
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Today (Sunday), the area call it a season and shut down.

While having my first traditional Sunday dinner with the family since the first week in December ..... It started snowing ...

God's gotta real sense of humor ..... :
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Yes, my local slope closed yesterday; however, the owners threw a great party for the season pass holders. Plenty of food and drink! Killington of Stratton over Easter? Any suggestions?
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Not likely.

My daughter and boyfreind are in norther VT today, coming home tomorrow. I'll ask them to travel down rt 100 and check out a few places. The boyfriend is a snowmaker and groomer, he should have a good eye for present conditions.

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Skied today-- six inches of fresh powder in the last 24 hours. It also felt like the coldest day of the winter. Brrrr....

Seasons ending in the northeast? How about heading up to Tuckerman's Ravine. Mount Washington should be good until June.
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My son and I will do a "circle route" next weekend. Perhaps up to Whiteface and over to VT. Are you from Shawnee?
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Thanks to 10" over the weekend, we'll hold out for another week or so here in the TC, but I've also got the golf clubs out and am starting to loosen up the ol' backswing. FIRST, though, I've got a week in Copper to take care of
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In Vermont, Magic Mountain closed on Saturday and MRG is closing next Saturday.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by skier_j:
We officially closed today, Sunday, here in westren Mass.

Only got in maybe 20 days and that is probably stretching it a whole lot!

If you hadn't done the face plant on the board you might have had a few more. I got in 55 days. Which is ok considering last year was 72.
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I live 15 minutes from Shawnee but ski at Camelback. I heard Blue Mountain closed on Sunday. I don't know about Shawnee...
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I skied Tremblant this weekend and the slopes were in poor shape. They intend to stay open until April 21, however. Bases were hard to very hard (very hard means pure ice, as described by oboe) with little granular snow on top. Some sections had ice across the entire slope. Very interesting indeed!

I will probably go this coming weekend to my local hill for the last time and then some spring skiing at Tremblant for Easter. Then I may have to admit to myself that winter fun is over.
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Sorry to hear about your short season. You folks back east have had a short season. Looks like we will have about another month in CA.
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The high resorts in Europe will keep going until May... they do every year. Season's just getting going now!
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