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I am looking for a binding in which the toe and heel pieces can be slid right off of the ski (as opposed to just sliding fore and aft for adjustment but not coming right off without dismantling the binding.) I have one pair like that now (Rossignol power 120 demo's.) They came, by the way, on a pair of volkl ax4's that I bought used as rock skis but ended up liking more than any other ski I have- or have ever had. But I digress...

Anyway... I'd be basically happy with another pair of the rossi power 120's (or whatever is the Look equivalent- anyone know?) but I haven't been able to find any anywhere. And so I'm trolling for suggestions/advice on another decent binding that shares that particular characteristic.

I've done all kinds of searching and scrolling through posts here, by the way, and haven't had any luck figuring this one out.

Thanks in advance for your time and trouble. Really.