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back from attitash/mt. washington valley

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My story begins monday.

Drove up to N. Conway on monday, woke up and headed to Wildcat, favorite mountain in the east. The top was closed and was told they were probably going to shut the mountain down by 11. So back in the car and we head towards attitash. Now, I hate attitash, but it was getting late and we needed to start skiing. So we arrive buy the tickets and jump on the lifts. My idea was to stick to the narrower, curvy trails to avoid the wind, but sometimes we came around a corner and bam, nearly stopped us in our tracks. We did a couple of runs on attitrash, then headed over to bear peak where the wind didn't seem to be as bad. Then around 2, all of the trails on bear got a nasty shadow and I wasn't going to take off the googles, so back over to attitash. We would warm right up when on the lift then get off and have the wind and cold turn us into icicles. Couple more top to bottoms and we called it a day.

Now, the place was dead as you can imagine, everyone was scared off by the forecast and it was midweek. So, we could just ski right on to the lift, which allowed us to get some decent vert. considering how late we started. The cold wasn't bad and neither was the wind, i've skied in worse.

The loose snow had all been blown off the mountain so it was down to the hard packed groomed. but atleast it was snow.

We woke up this morning, my buddies bindings had busted and figuring out how we were going to get it fixed headed outside and felt the wind and cold and decided we would do it another day. Probably not the best two days to try and get some runs in but I enjoyed it.
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Hi Don. Welcome. I've never been to Attitash. In NH, I HAVE been to Cannon, Loon, Tenney, Waterville, Sunapee, Gunstock, Ragged, Cranmore, Black and Wildcat - though the last three were a LONG time ago. I've wondered what Attitash and Bretton Woods were like. Any comparisons you can offer? Thanks!
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Originally posted by Tominator:
Hi Don. ... I've wondered what Attitash and Bretton Woods were like. ... Thanks!
We've skiied Bretton Woods each of the last 4 years and like it a lot. Relaxed, pleasant, uncrowded and friendly, and the best snow quality in the area. Spectacular views of the Presidential Range. As a family with small kids we like the good kids programs and the plentiful Blue and Green terrain, but they have recently added some more challenging glades that are interesting and, also, offer a lift ticket to Cannon Mtn. as part of the package.
On the down side there are very few restaurants and the night-life is pretty limited.
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We are planning to go to Attitash in mid-February, the President Day week. Is the place that bad? I am hoping that we can enjoy in less crowded environment, but is it always so windy?

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Everywhere is crowded during school vacation week, bu you'll be hard pressed to find a more crowded place than Attitash in the MWV. Bear peak has slightly less people than the Attitash side. Wildcat will be less crowded.
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Growing up my family visited Attitash every year. I've been there for more than a half dozen vacations in the last 15 years, and I have to say that I love the place. It's got a decent variety of terrain, it's rarely crowded. I can't ever remember skiing there when it was windy enough to blow me back up the hill, even as a 18-18 yr old kid.. It's a great spot to take a family, and there's enough terrain to challenge a wide range of skill levels.. What more can you ask for on the east coast? If it weren't for the state of the Canadian dollar, I'd definitely go back.

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