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Eating in Telluride

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We are heading to Telluride the beginning of December (hope there is snow!) -
what is the cheapest way to eat for three or four days?

On a tight budget.


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stop at the grocery in Montrose and cook!
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I was there for 3/4 days this past Jan.

I think i did the mac/n/cheese thing one night. went out the next 3 nights. but we knew some locals, so got set straight at one of the restaurants (the perks of being friend with the woman who cleans your condo and having her BF being a local Tellu lawyer). 3rd night was a sushi blow-out that broke the bank. 4th night was fish'n'chips at a local bar that was very reasonable.

it can be done. but yeah, the shopping and prepping your own meals is the way to go provided you have a kitchen at your disposal. then go out to eat one night. the town is rockin' in that OG western way (think Butch and Sundance). you gotta go out at least one night, if only for a bar crawl down the main.
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Yup, being your own chef is the cheapest way to go, but like LB said, get your groc before you drive into town.

I kinda like that little pizza and sub joint at the near end of town..... sorry can't remember the name.... it has a wall covered in CO license plates. Hope someone can fill in the blank here.
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There aren't any really cheap options other than self catering, as there aren't any chain fast food joints. However, you can eat well inexpensively, at the bakery, the pizza joints, and the pubs. For a decent meal, the Chinese restaurant in the main street (Shanghai Palace?) is fantastic, and great value.

On-mountain lunch options are few, and very expensive. If you are staying in town, it's inconvenient to go back to your accommodation for lunch, so plan to pack a lunch or have a big breakfast and just a snack during the day.

However, if you do want to stop, the Skiers Union in Mountain Village is (relatively) cheap with great food and atmosphere.
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Mountain village----CREPE Man----Spinach/ham and cheese crepe---about 6 bucks. HONESTLY, you can split it between two people and be fine. Or---one for lunch, pizza for dinner.

I find for only 4 will spend more money cooking than eating out. But then if I cook, I like to do it right with lots of ingredients and that case, I have to drag alot.. again, not worth it to me.
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I echo the Montrose sentiment. Stock up. I do. All chains available.

If you need in town groceries, I like Rose's best for prices and selection - but it's still a bit inflated. The new grocery in Mountain Village is more like Whole Foods.

Baked in Telluride - a few random tables and relatively cheap food
La Cocina de Luz - serve yourself excellent Mexican with the Cali fresh health bent
Brown Dog Pizza - good pie
Fat Alley - semi-serve yourself BBQ
Siam Telluride - Honga's rips you off...for good curries/thai more cheaply, this rocks.

Giuseppe's. Fill up with the Black Bean Saute ($4) - the small size becomes a large to fill up the plate. A great veg-concoction of beans, potatoes, chili, cheese, toppings!

BYOB if inclined - deck chairs at the Goronno are made for it with great light and West exposure. No one cares.
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