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Mostly Skis

I feel somewhat qualified to answer this question. I've been skiing for 35 years and snowboarding for 18. My longest skis are 223cm and my longest snowboard is 210cm. I've never been clocked on skis, but my fastest measured speed on a snowboard is 69mph. In that speed run, my friend on skis did 74mph over the same track with the same starting spot (he's lighter than me).

I would say that in most conditions, a skier of comparable ability can outrun a snowboarder. The one exception from my perspective would be deep powder (assuming the boarder has a powder board on). The added float of the board, combined with the fact that you won't cross your tips, makes the board faster and more stable in powder.

Prazeres post on the first page of this thread covered most of the points. One thing of note is that speed is in large part governed by your brain. I'm faster than most of the people on the mountain, regardless of what I wear on my feet. Some people think I'm nuts, but its just a matter of comfort with speed. It is in part because of that comfort level that skis are faster. In an all-out tuck, you have a more stable, confidence-inspiring platform when you are on skis. The board at very high speeds (above 55mph) can start to get unstable and flop around. Eventually that will toss you on your rear.

Race course analogies are irrelevent IMHO. If a course is set up purely for boarders, then you will come much closer to parity. There is still probably a 5-10% advantage to the skier. However, the reference somebody made in another thread to a boarder entering a SG race in Oregon is irrelevant. First, I've hardly met any recreational racers from Oregon who are any good (Lynn Ott lives in Oregon, but she's a World Cupper, not a rec racer). I raced at Bachelor with Far West last year and crushed a bunch of their better skiers on a skier course with skier gates (painful and very slow on a board). When we set boarder gates and a boarder course in our local weekend warrior league, my times are pretty close to the skier times. Usually I come in near the 2nd tier of skiers. That said, I was never one of the fasted ski racers and I know that some of our ski racers in our league are very fast (faster than I would be on skis). We've talked around this subject at some length in our league in an effort to come up with the correct handicapping scheme. In the end, it is still going to be a random selection, but the NASTAR handicap of 10% for boarders is probably as good as any.

If anyone wants to challenge me to a race, come to Alpine Meadows and look for me. I'm one of the only people there on an Alpine Carving set up. In the morning, I'm usually riding a very long board and in the pm I switch to something that handles the crud a little better. Even in powder, you'll only find me in hard snowboard boots.
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I love snowboarding, telemarking and skiing. I used to be a semi pro aerial skier (#1 in WA ID OR 1996-1998). So anyway, about who can jump higher or do harder tricks, one of my friends has been doing quadruple back flips for a few years now. He started throwing twists in them and later repeated Frank Bears quadruple back flip WITH a 1080. Matt C. ramped it up even further and did a "Half-Rudy-tuck-full" which is a back flip 180 to back flip 540 to back flip to back flip 360. This unique trick has a differant amount of twists on each flip. Finally his biggest trick is a quadruple back flip 1440. There is a new Czech guy on the sceen throwing triple back flip 1800's. I to this day have never seen a snowboarder land a triple back flip without letting only his board touch the snow on the landing. And I have never even seen a snowboarder try a quadruple back flip, let alone one with twists.

On a differant note, are you guys sure snowboarders have only jumped 140 feet?!! You would think more distance has been done on a snowboard. Hell I jumped 150 feet on Holison Hill's CO long jump while only being on one ski in 1998.

BTW I am brand new here and do not yet see how old this thread is (hopefully I am not digging up out threads).

*edit, found the posted date, lookes like I am a few months late for this one.
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Skiers are faster on the flats, moving up to the lifts and getting off. We've got poles and the ability to skate - superior maneuverablility!
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you can see it everywhere anecdotally that skiing is faster. A good boarder can outrun many good skiers, but not someone with comparable equipment and skill. Look at even the x games, where the snowboard men went up to 18 feet or so (I think) on the pipe, then dumont launched to 22+ feet on skis multiple times.
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Pick any two athletes at the top of their game. Assuming both are on similar "normal gear" - meaning that neither is on a DH versus a SL setup, then the skier will always be faster or have the capability to go faster in any snow, any condition, any terrain.

The same goes for air.

I have always stated that when a snowboarder can go as fast, be as precise, catch as big of air, or beat skis in any way then that would be the day I turn in my boards for a board.

Also, to continue the theme from another thread - a boarder has never hit me unless I was standing still. If a boarder hits you you’re not going fast enough. Now … you hitting a boarder is a different story …
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yeah, none of this is knocking boarding at all. To watch people on the DH boards carve is truly awesome. When I pick up boarding again to go along with skiing, I can't wait to try one.
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no, no ... I am knocking boarding.


Seriously though, on a powder day they have just as big of smiles as skiers do.
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Foyboy welcome to Epic! Yes you dug up an old thread but a classic. Too bad TJ deleted his posts. I don't remember what he was saying but you can see a lot of people got fired up about his comments.

How/why did you go off a ski jump with one ski!? Yikes!!

One of my friends told me she liked it better when I skied because she could keep up easier! I consider myself a better skier than rider but I have a perverse need to curtsy pretty much every time I turn my skis. I think it is a fitness issue, snowboarding doesn't require much fitness, telemark requires much fitness which I don't have but I love to make telemark turns!

After I've gotten worn out skiing, I jump on a board, relax and enjoy the rest of the day.
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