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Varying camber on each ski?

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I just ordered and received a pair of Dynastar Troublemaker skis. The first thing I noticed is that one of the skis has way more camber than the other when sitting flat on the floor (un-mounted). This doesn't seem normal. The higher ski makes the other one look like a ski that is "dead" and lost it's camber. Or is this the norm for some skis that are yet to be mounted?

I contacted the dealer and will take and send them pics. I could possibly get a new pair if it is an issue. Would the manufacturer consider this a warranty claim?
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Return them. That's terrible, shoddy, defective merchandise.
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That ain't normal...send em back and there's no reason they shouldn't send you a new pair. I've bent and cracked skis that have looked side by side what you are describing...but brand new no way!
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Give them a few hard flexes--- new skis can make all kinds of noises when first flexed as renegade fibers break. It might be in some minor glue up of the base or top. Even structuring the base can change the camber a bit.

Did you find this after waxing? Some skis go dead flat when you wax them and spring back as the base cools.

If nothing changes--- and it probably won't----send them back.
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Another question stemming from this...What's the performance detriment you would/should feel from skiing an un-matched camber pair of skis?

I've got a pair of K2 MOD X Pro's where one ski sits completely flat and the other still has about two mm of camber.

I only ski them as rocks skis, so I only really notice a little bit of difference between the two...The one with no camber does feel "dead" compared to the other, but really not too much of an issue in regards to skiability...A bit more sluggish transitioning edge changes and a little more "noodley" at speed.
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I'm sending these back and getting a new pair. I got these from Evogear and their customer support has been very impressive. I will do business with them again for sure!
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