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I was a bus-boy up at Timberline in the 60's so I could ski all year. I used to set my own courses and ski solo till late, then line the cat track down to the lodge. This particular day I pursued a line with better skiing, off to skier right (west). After a set of nice turns I came to a blind rollover I had never seen before. I was in a gully and couldn't traverse right or left. I was lost, the fog had set in, I couldn't see more than 100 yards.

But people tell stories and I remembered one about a group that was lost for over a week in the forest. They had skied to far right of the lodge, and skied below the lodge, and were screwed. Once below the lodge, you can go east or west and find lots of nothing.

If you ski that glacier and favor the fall line, you will go too far skier right, as that is where the fall line goes. I figured I had done what the lost group had done, took off my skis, and started hiking up and East. After an hours hike (you can ski yourself into trouble really fast, much faster than walking) the fog lifted just a bit, and I saw the chairlift, (below the lodge) off in the distance.

That story of the lost group may have saved my life. have any life-saving stories.