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Salt-Lake 2002 Para-Olympics

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Just a note to let everyone know that presently the Para-Olympics are going on in Salt Lake on the same venues that held the Olympics two weeks ago. Not only has the USA done extremely well in overall medals to date with 20 as of 3-11, but a number of Olympians you should know have done really well.

Those include Sarah Will, Muffy Davis for the women and Chris Devlin-Young from Loon Mt. NH.The women took Gold and Silver respectively, while Chris Devlin-Young won a Silver in the downhill and a Gold in the Super-G today.

These are incredible athletes you should get to know. Three seasons ago Devlin-Young was clocked at 84MPH in the Aspen 24 hr race, as a forerunner. Keep in mind he was in a MONO-SKI.That's fast!!!!!!!!!

You can see the events on the A & E channel.The event schedule is posted on the Salt-Lake Olympic web site.
Thanks **** Whtmt

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By chance I tuned into some of the para-olympci competitions, and had very similiar feelings watching the para-athletes compete as I did the games of a couple a weeks ago.

These athletes are truly amazng in their own right, and they place just as much if not more importance on winning a medal as did the Olympians.

I was very impressed with the intensity and level of competition and the emotions that I felt.
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Thanks Wink: I wish more folks in the forum felt as you do and realize that there are some very exciting disabled athletes out there, who work just as hard, maybe harder than their able bodied counterparts.

Here's something to keep in mind. One day a young woman, who is a regionally ranked tri-athlete, is training on her road bike. All is well until a person driving a car runs a stop sign. The car runs over her, leaving her paralized from the waist down and with little use of her right arm. She now lives in a wheel chair and will for the rest of her life.

But her accident didn't stop her from helping others to deal with their own disabilities. She developed specialized programs for children with disabilities, which helped them grow to understand how to live with their own difficulties on a daily basis.

But she didn't stop there. She came to Loon Mt. NH three years ago and asked me if I would teach her to ski. Of course I said yes. She not only was one of my most energetic and dynamic students,but she trained endlessly. She is now a certified adaptive level I mono / bi-skier. Her skiing skills are so strong that I have seen her ski black diamond terrain in her personal bi-ski.

Newly married, her husband follows her as her ski buddy on his snowboard. Sarah participates in skiing today the way she did before her accident ten years ago. She continues to teach not only skiing to disabled athletes, but she teaches them how to rise beyond their disability.

In disabled ski teaching we have a saying: "It's not the destination that counts, it's the journey that counts".

Thanks ******** Whtmt

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