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No Ho Ho Ho

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Well it seems that HO HO HO Said by Santa Claus (St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, etc.) scares kids and may be considered a derogatory comment about women. I applaud our dear brothers and sisters down under who have taken this stance and are helping the world become politically correct. :

So I think we need to get with the program and help out. I'm sure that my friends here at EpicSki will be able to lend their able minds to the program. (YUKI, TREKCHICK, anyone)

Here are some of my contributions to getting Ho's out of the language.

Oklahama and Oklahama City


Haboken New Jersey

Dopey and the gang will now sing, "Hi HA, Hi HA, its off to work we ga? "

The Lone Ranger will now call out, "HI HA SILVER, AWAY!"

I can see John Wayne calling out in those calvary movies. "FORWAAARD HAAAAA."

Of course sailors with now give things the old "Heave Ha."

We will now ha the garden.

Should we use a ha-se to water things?
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Santa was being sued for Sexual Harassment. At the trial the plaitiff's attorney asked "Sir, did you not, in front of her three young children, and hundreds of witnesses in a crowded shopping mall, refer to the my client not once, but three times, as a HO?"
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What about driving your Tahoe to Tahoe to ski, with a gear ho?
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Damn it trekchick it's Tahae.
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Don't forget that Christmas itself is now a Haly Day.
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Very good. Haliday and Haly Day. Now we are starting to make religions P.C.
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Of course you can still say "whore" as much as you want!
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