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Budget Trip West Part 2 - Colorado

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This was partially covered in another thread, but most of the answers were oriented toward Utah. I'd love to go to Utah, but Colorado is drivable for me in one _long_ day (from Indianapolis), which in turn makes it more practical than Utah.

Granted as the originator of the other thread pointed out, skiing and budget don't work well in the same sentence - what suggestions does anyone have for a family getaway?

Stipulations: Later is better than earlier, probably late Feb/March/April. Wife doesn't care too much about skiing (but will ski at a low intermediate level), kids love it and have decent skill for their ages and experience (5, 8, 15, skiing about 2-4 years). A decent school the 5 & 8 year old could do a couple of half days in would be good (while I want some play time for myself, I also want a family trip - skiing with my kids). I don't care about major "resort" amenities (spa, shopping, fancy restaurants, ect). Inexpensive, but decent lodging is important, as are lift tickets that won't break the bank. I'm planning on driving, so transportation shouldn't be a problem. A variety of terrain would be nice, but as long as there is a decent amount of intermediate it shouldn't be an issue More importantly, I have been told that some areas tend to be VERY cold/windy (yeah I know, it's called snow skiing for a reason), but I'm concerned about how my 5 & 8 year old will do if it's really bitterly cold.

Now that I've narrowed it down a ridiculous amount, any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any input you can give . . .
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CO is great, no need to keep driving to UT. Next thing you have to decide is slopeside lodging or not? There is extreme convenience in slopeside for families with younger kids. I recently had a good first experience with www.VRBO.com to find relatively low cost slopeside condo at Keystone, CO last April. Lots of deals in late Mar and early Apr, milder weather, lower crowds, and matches up with kids spring/Easter break too. If you go this route on a little bigger budget Breckenridge might be good, not too far into CO and has town for wife to explore.
For even cheaper trips I often stay in motels. They are much less desirable then a multi-room, multi-bath condo, but you do what you have to for slope time. Motel "suites" with kitchen appliances are good and I especially like those offering a free breakfast bar and indoor pool/hot tub. Starting kids with a full belly and finishing them with a good soak is a winning combo. Many good examples of this type. One where I had a good experience was the Quality Suites Evergreen, commuted 35 miles each day to Loveland, a very family friendly ski area on I70 next to Eisenhower Tunnel. Not too much further is Arapaho Basin. Those two would be a great commuters pairing in late spring. Scout eBay for discount lift tic deals, although some might not emerge until later.
The Rocky Mtn Inn/Hostel in Winter Park might make interesting accommodations (caveat, I've never stayed there) for a budget family ski trip and has free shuttle a couple miles to Winter Park's slopes. It would put wife near some town things and would be compromise between slopeside condo and longer commute from roadside motel.
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I also look for deals and perfer the areas you discuss.
I will be in CO. 7 days this year and when taking kids and grandkids, I must get the most for my money

I will ski 5 resorts this time

Ski Cooper - adult tickets can be bought in town for $31 (last year prices), much less for kids up to 14 ,also a good place for lessons.

Monarch- adult tickets can be bought on line for $42,
kids up to 15 much less

copper MTN. - with Gold c coupon book up to 4 tickets can be had
for $ 50 ea. ( some blackout dates)

Loveland buy a 4pak on line for $109 , real tickets not coupons, ( sale ends soon )

Sol Vista - Free day in Jan. with a gems card ( 4 of these days are blackouts)

Also my Grand son will ski free the entire trip as I have got him a 5 th grade pass
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Easy Rider is right buy a Loveland 4 pak http://www.skiloveland.com/ticketsandpasses/4pak.aspx

vrbo is good as is http://denver.craigslist.org/vac/

the towns of Dillon and Silverthorne will have less costly lodging and are central to all the resorts in Summit County. My cousin has a condo in the Wildernest area of Silverthorne that she rents out pretty cheap, It is older but they have completely updated it just this fall If you want send me a PM and I will send you her e-mail

also check out http://skicoupons.com/coupons.cfm/r/9/g/1/cc/28 for A-Basin tickets
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http://www.liftopia.com has discounted lifts, worth a look at.
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If you have a Gems card, it also works for discounts at Ski Cooper, Monarch and Loveland!

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