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Copper TR 11/13

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So this is my first post on here. I hit copper on Tues and it was alright, nothing compared to this time last year but it was deff a good time. They had really one t2b run open w/ mostly soft snow. No lift lines. It was kind of windy up top towards later in the afternoon. Made about 10 runs.. all in all it was a fun day on the mt. Tried to post some pics but they come out soooo small. Here’s a link to my myspace page with some pics on there. myspace.com/kevinhorvath12
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Kinda hard to see your pics when your profile is set to private. Use a photo sharing website like photobucket.com to host your pics.
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Actually, those that subscribe to MySpace can see as the profile pics as they are not set to private; but rather it is a bit of an inconvenience [and we like our easy around here ].

Importantly however, not all at Epic have accounts on MySpace and therefore something like photobucket.com is a good hosting site for sharing your tr shots. See if you can try again to post the pics here...nice shots btw.
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sry about that

here is a link to the pics-

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I liked this particular shot you took as it shows the wind at Copper that day. Are these folks part of your posse or are they just serving as your wind blocks?
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After a day like that a Utica Club would be in order.
Do they still make that stuff in the White & Red Can?
Drank a few, way back in the 70s when we were in training.
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yes sir

good old UC is still going strong, same can. its like the only beer u can get a 12er for like 3.99 ha...where abouts were you in upsate?
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no new pictures

I looked at your site and saw no new shots, beware that logging on to my space opens you up to unlimited spamming. My condo tried it and I got 100s of porno site invites asking my to accept sender as a friend. It really is easy to post a 640/480 shot directly to this site. Save your shot to your desk desktop as as a small jpeg, then choose the manage attachments setting, choose your computer , and hit upload, and it's done. After uploading you can delete picture from your desk top
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