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MAC Tracks 08

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The details are here.

Hope to see everyone there.

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I'm all in. MAC tracks rocks! Great fun.
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MAC Tracks is sick!

MAC Tracks is a great event. awesome for experienced hard booters and beginners alike. can't wait to lay down some trenches. i've been doing yoga and pilates w/ the limbo championships in mind

so you better watch out Phil

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I'm pretty sure that I don't stand a chance.
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Bumpity bump bump. A week and a half to go. I have already seen a bunch of hardbooters out practicing for the circle carve.

If you have not visited the site, the event is next Friday, February 8, 2008 at Bear Creek Mountain Resort and Conference Center.

If you are going to be anywhere near the mid-atlantic at that time, plan on attending.

Last year's limbo champ just emailed me tonight that he might not make it due to injury. At his age, I can understand. At least now all of the previous limbo participants may have a better chance.
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Telerod - where were you?

Wow, what a great day - even though we had our lowest turnout since our inception. This was no doubt due to the poor weather patterns. One foot of slush does not make for the best carving event, but we were given lemons and we made lemonade.

Last year there were just under fifty, this year there were just under fifteen.

When you get turnout for a foot of slush and some bare spots, though, you know that you are getting the die hards. These guys had the best attitudes you could have. A great time was had by all.

Special thanks go out to Neil Sunday for setting up gates, doing the race clinic, and running the race. Thanks to Fred P. for timing us.

Snowscaper was a big help to me personally and congrats to him for completing his first ever circle in spite of the adverse conditions.

Thanks to Mark Brown for helping with the gates.

It was a terrible day for a limbo, but JBS showed us that it was not impossible (right after he blew everyone away on the race course - by a lot). We also have some progressive captures of what it looks like to fold the nose - along with the ensuing carnage. I will post that as soon as I get it together.

Jibster, you were really missed. Hope to see you there next year.

Bear Creek turned out to be a great venue - especially the race trail.

Here is a pre-race pic:

P.S. I would certainly be remiss if I did not mention my Mom - without her help babysitting the twirps, i could not have gotten this thing together. Thanks Mom.
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Sorry I missed it. I didn't realize it was at Mountain Creek when I said I would come. Not a very good excuse, but... I'm way out of my league in that group anyway, although I must say you made the event work for attendees of diverse ability levels when I did MAC tracks a few years ago.

Looking forward to the action shots. :
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It was at Bear Creek.

We missed having you there.

As always, there were ALL ability levels there (even with our low turnout).

One guy was on his second day of hardbooting!

No excuses next year
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Bear Creek? Ah, formerly Doe Mountain. OK. I will try for next year.
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