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Winter Forecast Funk

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I wish I was still uninformed as I was optimistic about the prospects for even decent early season skiing here in Pa. and good skiing for a quick trip in Dec. to Colorado.

I just read Herb Stevens the Skiing Weatherman's winter outlook on www. snowcountry.com and the reports on Epic that the next 90 days in Colorado are forecasted to be warmer and drier than usual. Apparently its this La Nina thing again. I sure hope that we can catch a break and still have a decent season here and in Colorado. From what I read it looks like PNW and BC will be the best spots this season.

I know, you can't count on the weather models being 100% accurate, but I felt alot better when the Farmer's Almanac predicated a snowy winter in the east based on the wholly caterpillar or something.
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Miserable. What completely miserable news.
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