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Have to go to Attitash for an ASC Trainers meeting. It will be all the Perfect Turn Training Coordinators for the eastern ASC resorts, and we'll have a conference call with the coodinators for each of the ASC western resorts. Anyways, we are going to do 1/2 the day on the snow, and I've never been there. Whats the place like? Current conditions?
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Hi Todd,

Definitely different from Mt. Snow - Attitash is the smallest ASC resort. Attitash itself is more of a "classic New England" area, narrow windy trails. The newer Bear Peak is my favorite of the two nowadays - steeper, wider, straigher down the fall-line trails.

Of course I'm coming from the upper-intermediate perspective, not the "ski god" top 97% There's stuff on each mountain I haven't done that may be more up your alley.

I used to love Attitash years ago back in High School when my youth group's annual "big" ski trip was to go up to Jackson NH. We'd ski Black Mtn, Tyrol (now long gone, see the NELSAP), and if we were very lucky, get to go to the "big" mountain, Attitash. They used to have a limited lift ticket policy (obviously that wasn't ASC!) and it was definitely a treat to be on the "big", uncrowded slopes.

It was weird the last time I stayed up there, at Attitash Mtn Village, the condo complex directly attached via tunnel to the Attitash base. They were prominently handing out discount coupons for Bretton Woods 20 miles up the road. Obviously ASC didn't buy the condo management contract!
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I skied Attitash for the first time last year. I liked it so much that I went 3 times. Definitely an old N.E. feel, narrow winding trails. From the top bear right-I can not remember their names right now. The big draw back of the mountian is that the only way to the top is a slow chair all the way from the bottom. The plus of that though is that the trails are not too crowded. Atitash has the largest cliff I ever jumbed off.
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Not that these things really mean much, but:
Monday, January 21, 2002 at 8am.



LIFTS: 11 - Flying Yankee High Speed Quad, Summit Triple,
Top Notch Double, Snowbelt Surface Lift, East Double
Double, West Double Double, Learning Center, Abenaki Quad,
Kachina Triple, First Tracks Surface Lift, and the Flying
Bear High Speed Quad.

HOURS TODAY: 8am - 4pm

Primary: Packed Powder
Secondary: Packed Powder

Today: Cloudy, snow, temps in the lower 30's.
Tonight: Snow ending, then cloudy, temps in the 20's.
Tomorrow: Partly sunny, temps the 30's.

Past 24 hours: *
Past 7 days: 8"
January total: 24

The final day of the best weekend of the season and we have
over 200 acres of great skiing and riding for all
abilities, plus there's snow in the forecast!

The State's most powerful snowmaking system continues to
crank out the flakes on additional terrain, including
Middle and Lower Ptarmigan, the half-pipe, and Tim's Trauma
here on Attitash and Kachina on Bear Peak! Look for Tim's
Trauma to open soon!!!

Riderfest wraped up yesterday... for the results go to
attitash.com and click on Riderfest...plus check out some
of the cam shots from the event!!!

With all this snow...skiing and riding are awsome, so make
your plans to be here!!!
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Just finalized things today, ASC putting me up at the Grand Summit there tommorow night. I assume their GS Hotel is a similar atrocity to the others? :

Going to be in a meeting 1/2 the day, but will have the afternoon free to check it out.
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I love Attitash so much.. My family used to travel down to North Conway almost every winter. The atmosphere in Norht Conway, and Attitash is amazing.. Very New England. Quaint.

It's a Very good "small" mountain.. Great terrain, variety of runs, small crowds, all in all one of my favorite places to ski. Big is nice, but sometimes a little smaller is even better, IMHO. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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