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aftermarket lifters

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I'm looking for a lifter, 15-20mm, that will accomodate Salomon binding. Are there any available online or mail order?
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I'm looking to mount my new G31s. I have a Salomon binding with the Axe+ plate, 28mm lift. I also have an old Driver plate (yellow) with 9mm lift. Can I install the Axe+ on top of the Driver? It appears the Driver would be screwed separately into the ski. Then the binding/Ave+ combo would be screwed into the Driver (the holes line up). This would be a total lift of 37mm. Is that too much? I demoed the 11.20 and really liked the lift on that, would like to replicate. I think it is about 40mm lift but not sure.
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First ,what salomon binding do you have ,there are salomon lifters available for certain models of bindings, but the max lift is usualy 11mm , after that you go generic and it is more $$$ . Also remember some skis are not enhanced by a lifter and what kind of skiing are you doing? Is there a spell cker at this site?
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Sorry I skipped your second post,where you laid it all out,will get back tommorow ,I have corn bread to come out of the oven now. later
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Salomon makes a lifter called a Hangl plate. (for their racing skis?) I have had a hard time locating them as I wanted to try one. They use only 4 screws to attach to the ski and then the binding sit's on top of the plate. These accomplish 2 things, lift for more leverage and Isolate the binding and boot from interfering with the flex of the ski since the plate "floats" above the ski. If I find more info about these plates I'll post it.
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I have a Hangl plate on my Salomon AxeCleaver skis. The bindings are S850, I believe. As dchan mentioned the Hangl plate interfaces with the ski within a very small area (2-3 inches) and therefore avoids the dead spot created by boot and binding. The Hangl Plate has an 18mm lift. With my bindings I have a total of 45mm lift. I also have 35mm lift on my GS skis, so I don't think that 37mm lift is too much.

For a short ski, I recommend the Hangl plate very highly, since it lets you use the entire ski quite effectively. In terms of "ski feel" I would compare it to the Pilot system, although the architecture is entirely different. Note that not everyone likes that "flexible" feeling in their skis. I believe that AC himself, in his review of the Pilot, mentioned that he prefers a more solid platform under his boots.

Caution: if you decide on the Hangl plate make sure that an expert mounts it (preferably someone who did that before). The ski-plate interface has to be rock-solid, as the stress is concentrated in a very small area.
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I don't know if Volkl still has em, but they have the energy rail plate available aftermarket. needs 22 screws, but it's a good system. The plate where the binding is mounted on floats freely on the rail and is secured by 1 pin...the precursor to the motion system this year. It works wonders on the P40 energy rail ski. Smoother flex and larger sweet spot on their race stock ski. About...18 mm of lift i think.

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Got the corn bread out of the oven. The above responses ,were good ,a note on how high : It is not recomended to go higher than 55mm from the heel cup to the ski ,apparently there are some dynamic changes as far as torque ,release etc-etc. Also length of ski seems to play a part in how high also and the terrain you ski. If you are double stacking ,many times the first lifter is the primary one and you can add and subtract the one on top with out interfering with the integrity of the ski since it is only drilled once ,that is how it with tyrolia and I think the hangel plate is the same.I use a 23mm + 12 mm on the binding for a total of 35mm on a P-40 (188) and the same set up on some Dynastars SF (197) ,but I use these for speed and cruiseing. On a pair of Dynastar SX (192)I use only 15mm speed plate with the 12 mm from the binding ,since I use it for other terrain .
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you also gotta note the lift you get with the binding above the lifters. The brake will life you up like...10 - 12 more mm...remember you're not sitting flush above the lifter...but on the binding above the lifter [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The binding + Axe lifter is 28mm in the rear, the front is slightly less. I think the Axe+ is 10mm so the binding is 18mm.

DONDA, I could stack this on the Driver (9mm). Like you say, the Driver is fastened directly to the ski, then the binding + Axe lifter is only screwed into the Driver. If I found this to be too much lift, I can just get shorter binding screws and remove the Axe without any drilling.
You ask a good question about terrain. I plan to use this as my all mountain ski, some bumps, crud, etc, and hopefully race gs as well. I concentrate on slalom and use a dedicated ski for that. I thought the extra lift would help the turning on ice, but would not want ruin its off groomed performance. I look at mag photos and it appears they are really stacking 'em the fatter skis too.
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