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Jr. Racer

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Would like to give skis for my 4'6", 75 lb. boy this Christmas. He had a season of "race program' instruction at our Berkshire, Mass. hill last season. Please advise on proper length for him. I'm thinking to get a pair of Atomic SL12 slalom skis w.Neox 310 bindings. As we won't see his new coach for a couple of months, I'm trying to figure it out at a distance. I've had everything from 130-144 cm. suggested. Should I take a measurement on him? Any informed advice on the whole subject is welcome. Thanks.
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Do you know what his current ski length is?
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ski length for Jr.

We rented skis for the season last year so I'm not sure what he had. Is ski length for a kid that age and abilty (skiing for 2 years, he's pretty good generallly but not yet racing at a competetive level) based more on weight than anything else?
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I googled a bunch of ski size chart pages - phew is that confusing!
My short answer is 130cm.

I'd say your best bet is to get in the 125-135 cm range depending on the kind of ski and how fast the kid is growing. The more shaped (i.e. the lower the turning radius number is) or slalom type ski you choose, the shorter you should go. The more all mountain/giant slalom type ski, or faster growing kid you have, go longer. Here are the pages that I found to make the most sense that included kids sizes:
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