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Volkl ac40, head im78 or 82 or other?

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I know everyone hates these first time posts, but I have to start somewhere. I have been looking, searching and reading for weeks,but can't find a specific solution. I am a level 9 skier (yes, I know what that is) have been a Squaw and Alpine passholder for years, but am NOT an equipment junkie. I am 6-0 200lbs. I love off piste, obviously powder is #1, and I like to ski where there are consequences for mistakes. Problem is, with 2 kids now, I don't get to pick my days as much. I am looking for a ski for those days when it hasn't snowed for a week, bumps are everywhere, boilerplate is the rule in the morning and I wind up ripping some steep groomers for some of the day, looking for that sweet spot on the mountain. I currently ski an Atomic R-ex 184, came down from a 10ex 191. This ski will handle most anything for me, including powder, but I want something more fun in the bumps etc. I also have a Atomic 9.22 (the original black ones)191 which I have skied to death, but was just such an awesome ski for me in the day. The AC40 has my interest, but I worry about it being to stiff and turny (I thought the 6 stars sucked the 1/2 day I rode them). I just started looking at Head, and that looks to be a good ski to check out. I buy skiis, and ski them to death, probably too long, but that is another story. I think a between a Volant Super Carve and Power Carve with the feel of my atomics would be a good description of what I'm looking for. I know my skiis are outdated, but hopefully some of you here remember these skiis from days past. I won't even get into how much I liked the Olin DX-S in the day! Thanks, and don't blow me out just yet!
Side note, I ski FAST, some kids ski faster, but I don't get passed or left behind ever, if that helps, and I am inclined to longer skis rather than shorter.
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Based on your comments, I would suggest the Head i88M in a 186cm. I have demoed this ski & the AC40. The 88 is more of a fat GS ski that is useful in powder and very stable at speed. The AC40 is more of a wide carver and is not the best ski for what you describe.

I'm looking forward to using a newly acquired 183cm i82M, which is also more of a wide GS ski, but can produce a greater variety of turn shapes than the i88M.

If you wish to broaden you search, I would also consider the Dynastar Contact Ltd. This ski is better than any of the above in moguls while being very stable at speed and can perform very well in boot-top deep snow.


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In addition to the Contact LTD (which is a very good ski), I might suggest the Atomic Nomad Blackeye or the Fischer Watea 84. Both skis are nimble enough for the bumps but have the edge grip that Atomic and Fischer are famous for. The Blackeye will have a strong family resemblance to some of your previous Atomics and is a bit lighter than the Fischer. OTH, the Fischer is wider, a bit more damp and a little more focused on softer snow. The Head 88 is a powerful ski and would not be high on my list for bumps but it can be skied at any sane speed without problem.

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Well, I went and looked at some skis today, and spent a few hours reading more here. Why do I keep wanting a 184 Mantra? I skied a 177 last year and was mighty impressed, but I remember saying to myself the Rex's were prety good also, just slower and not as good edge hold. Now I'm looking at the Mantra again as an everyday ski, or should I go back to my original ski choices in this thread? Have skis advanced that much since my R-ex was on top of the pile (even before the sugar daddy). Someone give me an extra thousand or 2 so I can get a good quiver going again.
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