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SLC Rent a Wreck????

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Ok, so if I would have made arrangements like I should have months ago, I wouldn't be in this problem.

I need a mini van over new years in SLC. The cheapest and most reasonable I can find now is Rent a Wreck.

Anyone have any thoughts or concerns with this company? Thanks
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Try putting in a bid through Priceline. Companies often take a much cheaper rental rate because you pre-pay it and its non-refundable. They are guaranteed to make the rental while making reservations on the internet are not really a commitment at all. I have rented full-size cars at $24/day. The Priceline bid process will let you set a bid, show the final price including taxes and fees at which point you commit or revise your bid. If your travel plans are solid, this can be a good approach. I suggest starting with a low-but competitive offer. Someone will probably pick it up with the full knowledge only 30% of non-deposit rental reservations ever show up.
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Friend rented with them, very happy with the rental. The only thing is, I once looked into them myslef and it seemed to me at the time that the savings was really tiny...might be different now.
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my buddy fought them for months and months when they tried to charge him for repairing a "wreck" that they rented him.
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