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Prices... are this season's lift tickets more exp. or...??

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I’m planning my winter vacation and I looked into few possible destinations… GOOD LORD!!! I don’t remember paying so much for lift tickets last year??? I mean, I understand the need of raising funds to keep the daily operations going (which I’m sure it’s not a trifle by any means)… but paying $60 and up for a day pass, IMHO is a little steep… I don’t know, then again it might just be me…

I don’t understand that eTicket thing… You buy, say 20 season passes which can be used virtually anywhere (where eTicet is accepted, of course) and at anytime during this season?? Is anybody going for this deal as it seams the only reasonably sound alternative?

I’m sure we’ll ski even if the pass goes up to a cool 100 bucks… A little bitching though, it’s good for the moral [img]smile.gif[/img]


PS: I don't want to start any feuds here but… I also looked into the possibility of skiing in Europe. SkiEurope has some unbelievably deals! It seems as if it’s cheaper to ski in the Alps including a 7 nights of lodging, a good breakfast, airfare and all the transfers necessary … I’m sorry but even with the Euro beating the dollar over few cents it’s still a great value deal, which makes me mad because I want to Ski America this year and the best ‘deals” I found so far were usually for a mere 3 nights accommodations, no food or airfare included and… for a much higher price... and plus the $60 daily lift ticket.

I better start putting my name down for some overtime...
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If you do your own booking you can find some deals for skiing out West. I've seen airfares to several Western cities from N.Y. for less than $250 round trip. There are several places to book condos at discount prices and almost all of the condo deals have discount cards that will allow you to purchase discounted lift tickets.

Here are some tips:

Airfares- bestfares.com or orbitz.com for airfare and car rental

Go to vbro.com for condo rentals, they will have the best deals

As much as I would love to ski Euorpe, with the world situation and America bashing, I just wouldn't feel comfortable going there this Winter.

That's just my opinion
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Hi Lars, the fares at bestfares.com are unbelievably low. Is it worth to pay $60 to become a member?

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Thanks guys... It's worth giving it a try! Hey Lars... I wouldn't worry too much about Europe. I was in Italy in March right before the showdown with Saddam I have to say that overall I didn't have any problems. Despite what people think 'n say... it's always interesting when metting an American We still ROCK... ('n roll, sometimes)! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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Well, I know season passes jumped aboout 20 bucks last year. (a lot considering that they used to be $169 and went to $189.) Hopefully that's the end of it for a while.....
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