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how the schnell?

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Did the name of this section get it's name changed?

This is just like Noo Jersey politics where each politician has his or her name on each sign on the way into town, park bench and even the garbage trucks ...
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Some of the mods thought it would be nice to surprised Fox when he got back from his Work trip.
He had no idea, it was my brain child. It may be temporary, who knows

It was time to condense the Off Season stuff, as we described we would when we expanded it for the summer, so..........what better time to give WTFH a little grin?

You got a problem with that?
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
... It may be temporary, ....
God, I hope so!

Although, I forgot that really is just a huge popularity contest :

Crap, does referencing God mean this will get moved to PnHT?
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how the schnell?
If you're insinuating I had something to do with it, I can assure you I did not.

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Since Fox is recognized as Mr Social, I thought it would be funny, and that's why I brought it up to a few of the other mods. This goes to show you that I am wrong more often than not.
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I heartily approve. While some recent contributors have far surpassed WTFH in frequency of humor postings, none have approached him (or his sister) in quality!
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I'm with Mapnut (sort of).

I believe it should more fairly be "WTFH's Sister's House of Humour and Spirits".

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There is no sister.

Fox does a change of clothes .... from his other closet .... and posts in d-r-a .......... :
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