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Finally upgrading - Advice welcome

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Hi Everyone-

First time poster. I've been lurking for a bit and reading up, but haven't quite found what I'm looking for. Looks like we've got a few experts around, so I'm hoping for some input. I'm finally upgrading my gear after many years, but I'm overwhelmed by the number of options. The past few seasons I've skied on some early generation shaped K2s (don't remember the model - friend's skis). I won't tell you what my gear is (embarrassing) but I'm looking to step into the late 2000s! I'm a solid intermediate skier that's looking to take it to the next level. Most of my skiing is on blue groomers and a few blacks - no bumps. I'm from the midwest, but don't do much skiing here. I usually make one or two trips out west a year. About me. I'm 30 years old ~6'2" 250 (but looking to shed a few before I head out west in March). I need a good ski to help me perfect my technique, but also something I could grow into once I get better. I'm planning on taking lessons this time out. I've been reading good things about the Metron 10 and 11s so far and notice that some have have recommended the M:EX for larger skiiers because of their stiffness. I'm pretty familiar with Atomics lineup, but not at all with other brands. Also looking at boots. Don't need anything extravagant - just a good midrange boot. I'm a size 13 shoe (~31 boot).

Not sure if I'm going the right direction on the skis, and totally clueless on boots. Any help is appreciated!
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Step one is finding a boot that will fit properly. This is the hard part.

Take a day or two and go to a bunch of shops ..... not just one and tell the idiot at the "big box" .... I wear a 13 ....

Try on a few different brands and note the fit/lift of the heel, overall snugness .... how many buckle notches did you have to use before it was tight? Wear the boot for ten minutes and see if it needs to be tightened again and check for "hot spots" or pressure (pain) ....

Repeat with another brand .... then on to the next shop .... and take notes.

A boot that fits well ... as a new boot ... you should have a good fit on those first initial notches ... if you are down to the last notch or two this will be a problem as the boot packs out.

Post where you are from .... and some folks can steer you to better fitters and away from the high volume retail stores that hire anything that can crawl in the door.
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If you don't mind being a bit more specific where you are in the midwest, we might be able to refer you to someone with boot expertise. IMO, the size you are looking for is a 29 or 29.5. There are lots of differences in foot width, instep, heel fit and leg circumference. Boot recommendations are nearly impossible without evaluating someone in person.

I'll be the first to say, focus on the boots. If you can't get competent help near home, consider hooking up on one of your trips.

Skis are fairly easy. EpicSki has several sponsors including SierraJim, ptex1 and Dawgcatching that will hook you up with great deals and give you expert individual advice. Since you are fairly new to modern equipment, a lot of the recommendation will have to do with your expectations for skiing on or off piste, groomed or ungroomed snow, and long or short turns, slower or faster. You are a bit big for the skis in the auction, or I'd suggest those as a versatile choice.
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I'm in the Milwaukee WI area. As I mentioned, most of my skiing is going to be on blue groomers out west to start with. I really want to get my form down and take it from there. I usually make longer turns, but I think that's more a symptom of my equipment right now. Thanks for the pointers so far!
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