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helmet cams

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anyone used helmet cams as on REI or Backcountry that retail around $150.? I was wondering how well they work? is the frame speed fast enough to keep up with the action? do they have any shake compensation? do you like the movies you make with the helmet cam? do they download PC and Apple? thanks.
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go to www.petefagerlin.com he has a lot of mtb video, and a primer on how to soot action video. stuff applies to skiing as well
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if it is the oregon scientific one then i don't think it is too bad. i have only walked around the store with it on, so i don't know how well it works with shake and stuff. But it was a cool little gadget. It is apple compatible, but the software is not. you need to just plug it in and then if i remember correctly you just drag and drop the files off. Then use iMovie to edit
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If you really want to do it right, get the Viosport PV-1 they are headquareted up here, and ive seen them out alot, bombproof, used by the military, and fully digital. You can replay the vids on the recording units. Its really nice.
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Try this one, a new self-contained camera VHOLD
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