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Sunny or Sylvia???

Poll Results: Who would you choose... Sunny or Sylvia?

  • 53% (7)
    Sunny - She's supremely cute and really does it for me
  • 38% (5)
    Sylvia - She's my adolescent fantasy of the perfect hottie
  • 7% (1)
    Who cares? I'd leave my wife for either one of them
13 Total Votes  
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Inspired by the recent thread about "Hot Dog - The Movie", we bring you the poll that hopes to answer the age old question.... girl next door, or adolescent wet dream?
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Uhh, who??
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In some ways it's kinda academic. I could vote without knowing.

"Who cares? I'd leave my wife for either one of them." ............. duck and run hoping wifey don't see dis ...
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I refuse to vote because the descriptions you give to them show an obvious bias. The poll is flawed!

BTW, Sylvia looks like a dog compared to Sunny.
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Sylvia - A hottie who's willing to pay for my vices (of course the legal stuff - namely skiing). That's the American dream!
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You left out "Vicky" from Squirrel's gondola ride.
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Harkin Banks is my hero!

HB did it right and didn't need to choose. Sunny was cute & fun to start the movie, but got to be a drag & a real downer once they got to Squaw. So, Harkin nails Sylvia, and Sunny straightens up & he gets her too. Be like Harkin; have fun with both of them!
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Sunny D all the way.

she learned to ski on her own to impress Harkin (i.e. she was thinking long term and down the (fall) line).

plus she was sporting real twins, thus she was environmentally aware (remember, plastic/silicon is not biodegradable, my friends).
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Banana Pants.
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Mary Ann...................

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Sylvia is totally hot but she must be off in the head - she married the tounge from ACDC!
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oops, metal/hard rock icon confusion!

Tongue = Gene Simmons = "The Demon" = KISS (from America)

Parochial school boy duds = Gibson SG = Angus Young = AC/DC (from Australia)

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