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Favorite Ski Movie and/or Line from a Ski Movie

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When it turns fall(ish) outside and the days grow shorter, I usually crack out the ski movies. Lately, my library-O-ski-flicks has been growing, which got me to thinking: there must be more of you out there who've burned up a few VCR's watching their favorite Ski films. For me, it's the perfect antidote for those in-between weather days of fall. You know, like 39 degrees and drizzling.

So the question is: What would be your favorite ski movie, ski-related movie, movie with ski-scenes included (i.e. 007 flicks), or just a favorite scene from said movies. No holds barred here, maybe its a classic Warren Miller, or a high-adrenaline TGR, Stump?, Quicksilver?, PSIA Training video?, old Irving Berlin flick? Others?
Let's here 'em.

BTW, Mine happens to be the scene in Hot Dog The Movie where Rudolph Garmisch says
"You people stay out of our way. You may ski on 'zis side, or on 'zat side, but stay out of zee middle."
To which Dan O'callihan replies:
"Hey Rudy, you can kiss my *ss: Not on 'zis side, not on 'zat side, But right in ZEE MEEDLE! "
(This ranks just slightly higher than the whole Chinese Downhill scene.)

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I have seen none of this year's crop -- though I'm going to TGR's MTA tonight, but from previous years...

Favorite action/music-video style: Tie between Uprising & Global Storming

Favorite Storytelling Documentary: Scott Gaffney's Walls of Freedom

Favorite Because I'm a Tele Guy: Unparalleled
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I wish I could see MTA!
The only place in Mich. showing it is in the Upper Penninsula, about 7 hours away.
Guess I'll just have to buy it

For theatrical releases, I can settle for Warren Miller's Cold Fusion. I downloaded the quicktime trailer (about 2.5 minutes)
looks good/can't wait for that one either!
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Warren Miller's movie plays in Manchester NH 11/30 as a charity fund raiser which is a nice plus (Palace Theater, plug, plug) can't wait for that. One nice thing is that even non-skiers love his movies, we always try to invite as many friends as we can. I bought TGR's Further (last yrs movie) on DVD and was pleasantly surprised to find it had lots of bonus footage, unedited helmetcam footage, additional movie (Area 51..jibflick) so I just ordered MTA which will ship in mid-Oct, I'll have to get in front of the set with all my gear on pull the goggles down, pound a couple of red bulls, and push "play"
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The best ski movie producer ever is Greg Stump.

My favorite line from a ski movie:

"the family that skiis together, bitches at each other" - Warren Miller.
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Favorite ski movie: "Snow Drifters" from Reel Action Pictures

Hokiest ski movie: "Aspen Extreme"

Best ski movie ever: "Blizzard of AAAAHs" from Stumpy

Favorite quote: "Chinees downhill. Yaah. (Grinding teeth) Zat issee only vay. Chinees downhill."
- Rudy in "Hot Dog: The Movie" -

Best Air: Terry Cook's layout front flips (pre-shattered-legs) in "Extreme IV"... a North Face promo flick circa '90 or so. Truly SHWEET!

Best tacoed body: Garret Bartelt's fall down Needle-eye Couliour (Chugach) in "Snow Drifters" (I think)

Best "I can't believe I just walked away from that!": Plakes back hand-spring over the crack in Chamonix during Stump's "Blizzard of AAAAAHs"

OK I'm excited to go rip now. Gotta go take a cold shower.
Spag [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Favorite Ski Movie: State of Mind - It was the first "new school/jib" flick, and it had an attitude that I had not seen in a ski movie for quite a while. It also introduced the first set of new ski heroes since Blizzard of Aahhhs; Szocs, Douglas, Dorian, Auclair, Cussan Etc..

Best Line: "I theenk ski is awsome, we can kick snowboard ass easy." - JF Cussan
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Boy.. When I want to get pumped up to ski the bumps I throw in Greg Stump's "Fistful of Moguls". Glen Plake has a whole 'speech' that is highly motivating. The best line:

"if you want to find the best skiers on the mountain, you might want to take a good hard look at who is skiing the bumps"
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Anyone remember that song about Charlie the Super Skier? Wasn't it by the Kingston Trio.
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Nah, that was Charlie on the MTA!

Aspen Extreme was hoakie. What was that Warren Miller film where he makes fun of people's first day skiing? Very cruel, but hilarious nonetheless.
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LM, I think Warren takes a poke at beginners in nearly every one of his flicks. Hilarious! Think about it though, you laugh because you've been there, just like the rest of us!!!!

Spag's quote of the day:
"Hiya Shaldeen. My name's Todd. That's Italian for...'EXTRA SPECIAL'"
- Steve Martin in "My Blue Heaven" -
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Best old school movie has to be Blizzard of AAAHHH's. Its classic Plake in action when he drops that wall instead of skiing it.

Best recent movie has to Global Storming with Uprising in a close second. (I haven't seen MTA or High Society yet!)

Best line, "How come Canada sucks?" Nesbitt replies, "Canada doesn't suck, its kicks ass".

Best jib flick in my opinion is The Game. There were some wicked rail slides that will be hard to top. Although, in the trailor for High Society, somebody pond skims, hits a small kicker and slides a rail. I'll have to see how that turns out once MSP gets it shipped out.

Biggest waste of space, Brad Holmes singing, "I Don't Do Sh*t, I Get Sh*t Done" in Ski Movie. What a joke, but the shirt he has on is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, and I will be recreating that shirt at a local shirt shop this week.
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under the catagory of really cheesy comedy, hows about: Better Off Dead

with one of the best all time quotes:
"Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way...turn"
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i think aspen extreme was a great flick although it seems everyone else has a different opinion
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best ski movie:
"On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

best line in a ski movie:
Same movie where bad guys chasing Bond on skis misses a jump and falls into the path of a large truck-snowblower - Bond looks over his shoulder at the result, and says (deadpanned), "God that guy had a lot of guts"
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Glen Plake in "13":

<blockquote>Nah, because of the way they stand, mogul skiers don't make that good of powder skiers. Besides, they hang out in that little rut down at the bottom of the mountain. They'd never go up on the TOP of the mountain!</blockquote>

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Another Better Off Dead line..... "Do you know the street value of this mountain?"

I am also a big Hot Dog fan. As far as ski porn, my favorite would be "P-Tex, Lies and Duck Tape" BTW, does anyone know where I could get a copy of that last one? I looked everywhere online and I could not find it.
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The Chad Mitchel Trio had an albumn of "ski songs" in the early 60s. It included, Super Skier, Super Skiers Last Race,(gory, gory what a hell of a way to die) and Sundeck Superman.
A freind of mine had it and I only listened to the whole thing once back then. Super skiers Last Race is one most often heard. It is to the tune of The Battle Hymn of The Republic.
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There was a line in "downhill racer," I don't remember it exactly, but a female reporter asks Redford how he feels today. He says, Why don't you feel me and find out for yourself?

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Favourite ski movie: Warren Miller's Freeriders

Favourite line: JP Auclair (Canuck) is asked if he speaks any American, and he says "Mah traylah's gotta propane heatuh!"
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I'd have to agree with you on Aspen Extreme, But I may not be impartial: The opening scene where dexter is working on the chairlift was filmed at my home ski area! And yes it really is that small, about 250 ft of vertical.
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-Nothing can touch "Blizzard of AAAAHs" by Stump

- I like the newer TGR movies too, but the first decents and straightlining(one little dot sceaming down the side of some huge Alaskan mountain looks alot like another) get old after a while, Stump and Miller have alwasy put together great skiing and humor to make enjoyable films.

As for Quote, it has been forever since I have seen the movie, but I remember a W. Miller movie that had the crack about the "flat headed breed of dog, know for its habit of chasing parked cars"
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Grumble! I came to put my favourite, Rudy on teh Chinese Downhhill, and it's already been taken! The snowball fight is pretty good too, but no memorable lines, except maybe Rudy's drinking song.
I get the impression the cast enjoyed making that film!

Warren Miller's little jokes are excellent, I'm disappointed that he stopped putting in those chair lift accidents scenes though.
I enjoyed those "scenes of resort life" just as much as the big mountain powder extreme bits.
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