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Buddy of mine works on the snowmaking crew, word on the street is they are in real good shape, got some serious snow to mid mountain and an announcement will be made Wednesday afternoon regarding a weekend opening.
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It's now official. They've announced an early opening of Whistler for this weekend Nov 17th !!!!! Blackcomb to follow on Nov 22nd.

But dont bother going because it will be really crowded & horrible conditions. I'll take one for the team by going Sat & reporting back ;D
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this will be my first season at whistler, how does the opening compare to the WROD that we got in CO?
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It wont be a WROD. At least that's my past experience. Whistler has so much natural snow even at this early point that the snowblowing is just to top up thin & hi traffic areas. Whereas in CO, it's primarily manmade early season.

Dont be tempted by what you see off piste though. The snow cover is usually not quite enough to cover the rocky stuff off piste at this time of year. Mind you if we get big dumps that they're predicting this week, that could change.
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Just as a FYI that video seems to have been shot on Ross's Gold/Gandy Dancer just to the left of the Solar Coaster chair, it is in a sheltered area that isn't wind scoured, so the snow depths would be a bit off. As stated above, bring rock skis stay on the beaten path and out of the tree areas.
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