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Newest Gear in your closet

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The Labor Day sales have arrived and much to my surprise the selection was good and the pricing decent. Scored a pair of last seasons K2 Axis Mod X Pro's in a 181 for $370, most I've ever paid for ski's but that's is slightly over 50% off of retail. My wife got a pair of Axis Mod X's in a 160 for $300. Purchased then from a shop here in Reno that always has good selection but terrible prices. They changed their pricing this year and after 20 years of never purchasing any hard goods from them I bought a snowboard and two pairs of ski's.

Now I just need to come up with another $1000 for the four ski passes I need to purchase in the next month.

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Bought today at Sniagrab (Gart Sports fall sale) Atomic 11.20 for $370 and Atomic Xentrix bindings to go with for $150. This was one of the better deals and the only pair left in a shorter length. I thought prices seemed a little high on some items. For example, the Volant skis which I'm familiar with were $75 to $100 more than I remember from last year's sale and 2001 model Marker 1300 Piston bindings were $299, which doesn't seem to be much of a bargain to me. They also had some odd product lines, one being Scott skis. Also some old long straight stuff that was pretty cheap.

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I was at the Garts sale in Boise, Idaho today and I think prices were also a little higher than I expect. Last years XScreams Series were 445 I think. I pickup up a pair at one of the local shops for 387 which was a little better. Didn't look that close at the Volants, but they had a lot of them.

Just my impression.
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I got new snowboard boots at about 50% off.
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Atomic 9.18's with the integrated bindings - $400

DalBello CRX Impulse boots - $112 (going out of business sale)
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Right now it's Elan WC GS from last year, HCX's from last year, Scott GS poles from last year, a new pair of Briko glasses from Valiens in Govey. Hoping for Elan wc gs for this year but not till Thanksgiving. Boots are Dobies from two years ago.
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Race equipment seems to be my latest turn-on:

Skis: Atomic 9.12s, 9.16s, 10.22s, Volkl P40 F1 Energy Rails- Thank God for eBay.

Poles: Various Scott models which I tell my wife I really, really need. "See, those are my powder poles, those are my GS poles, those are my slalom..."

Boots: Atomic 10.50s. Strangely enough, they were the most comfortable boots I could find.

Racing Gear: Pretty much the entire Schneider Racing 2002 high tech line (Franz Fuchsberger really has to love gear whores like me). Jofa helmet with all of the cool racing attachments. Assorted Spyder/Jofa/Reusch racing stuff that is sure to knock off hours off of my times. Really, the saleman wouldn't lie to me, would he?

What I've learned this year:
Never go shopping for ski gear when you're really desperate to ski- kinda like going to the grocery store when you're hungry. You end up with all kinds of stuff you wouldn't have bought otherwise and your bank account really takes a hit.
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Here in Edinburgh, Scotland one of our local ski shops has a sale on now, advertising it as a 50% off sale and they were selling Salomon X scream series with Tyrolia bindings for £200, which is about $300 US.and they had some good K2 skis from last year(not sure of the model) at a lower price. Ski gear must be about the only thing that seems to be cheaper over here than in the US or Canada. I noticed when I was in Whistler last April that the end of season reductions on boots/skis/jackets/whatever didnt even take the price down, in many cases, to normal retail here. Also the UK is not necessarily the cheapest place to buy, France or Italy can be cheaper.But given the size of the US and/or Canadian market I am not sure why you have to pay so much- your lift tickets, in the US anyway, are a lot higher too !!
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I wish, I wish, I could buy new stuff.

But this year is all going to the new girl. Last year I use a pair of old rentals that owner of the ski shop lend me. This year going to buy her first pair of ski's ::sniff:: she is growing up.
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No new gear, but a new closet! (hence no money for new gear, since the closet belongs to the house I just bought)

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New Look p 12 bindings Yeap from a ski shop sale They are a great deal at $125.00
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I bought a pair of '02 Atomic Beta CarV 9.18's in 170cm for 300 bux (with the device 310 binding of course) and put two days on them this last spring before I injured my knee and had to sit out closing day of the season in the lodge.
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Congrats on the house. When is the party?
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Hope to have these in the closet next week:

eBay rules if you know how to stay out of trouble. He who dies with the most toys wins, right? That's what I'm hanging my hat on.
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Lange L10 ACD 282 euro's [img]smile.gif[/img] . I love the summer sale.
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K2 Axis X Pro, Adidas Robin gog's, bought 3 weeks ago, and now cohabiting peacefully with me.
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Nothin yet. Some new Volants for me..havent decided which ones. and new boots for my son. Thats about it for us.
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New Arc'teryx Gamma MX hoody, Patagonia regulator top. Tried the above on at home, complete with ski boots, helmet and goggles.

I also noticed that the shop had last years Arcteryx high end shell on sale @ 50% off (about $250cdn) . If I didn't already own one.....
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New AK Rocket Pilots.
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2001 Volkl P40 RCs..Got them for $200, I'm thinking that they'll complete the East Coast quiver well, as an ice ski. Always a gamble, buying skis you haven't demoed, but sometimes the price is right and you're feeling lucky. If anyone has any experience with these (they're black with orange graphics), let me know what you think. I got them in a 183 because that's what they had, as a 5'8" 175 LB. advanced/low-grade expert I think they'll work pretty well.
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The beauty of buying skis in August is that you can try them out and if you don't like them, you can probably sell them in January for what you paid for them!!

I got this idea from another bear last season (bteddy, maybe?) and have adopted it as my own.

I sure hope some of these new skis suck so I will sell them this winter - otherwise I may have too many skis! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Having skied in low-end boots 1.5 sizes too big for the past 3 seasons, they were my biggest need. Last weekend finally found affordable solution, last year's Salomon X-Wave 8.0, new, for $249, and best of all they fit and can take my footbeds. For you locals, Ken Jones in Nashua is having a half price sale although these were 55.5% off. Anyone want Salomon Evolution 7's cheap?
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Rossi Race One Boots. I love em'
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Picked up some Kerma composite poles for $40, squirreling away my cash for a trip instead of gear.
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new 2002 Dynastar Autodrive Speed Carve 63 with Look P-12 bindings. Shipped, tuned, mounted...$399 178cm I'm going shorter!
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Just picked up a Boeri Myto lid for $79 CAN. Best is that it fits good. You try to find a 61cm+ helmet that fits well. Will get a lot of use this season running BC glades this winter on my "off" days...
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Well I just added something new to the Gear closet. I didn't need them and wasn't really looking for new skis. I don't even know why I bid on them. But somehow i won the Ebay aution and am now the proud owner of a new Pair of Atomic R:ex Guess I'll just mount my new look binding on them and have some fun this winter.

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now is the time to buy in the US. this seasons ski stuff is about to come in, so you can probably get some 50% sales if you look.
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