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What's the Most?

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What's the most you've ever spent for a new ski/binding set up?

$500 for my T Power Vipers last year. $495 for my B2's this year.

Please be Honest!
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$490 for my Rossi Viper X PPS with Axial 140 bindings last season.
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$195.00 for Nordica Next 7.0 and Markers (plus mounting)
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Ok i'll bite...$799(CAN) Atomics 10.20 plus 412 binding. This was towards the end of last season......This year the ski ALONE was going for a cool grand!!! OUCH
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980.00 for boots, custom liner, custom footbed, alignment, and PTMS lesson. I love em, worth every penny. Coulda gotten a lesson somewhere else for a lot cheaper though.
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560 USD for Atomic Beta Ride 11.20 and Xentrix 412 bindings. Bought in the end of season sale last year (UK).
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Ladede, Ya shop price.
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$560 for my G4, mid-season sale.

Lars, $495 [edit: price] for next year's B2s with bindings look like a sweet deal. Any special (pro) pricing?


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$685 for G3's w/ Marker 1200 pistons, and Kerma Mambo poles. They threw in a free Volkl ski bag.

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