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Footbed Alignment

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After looking into the Shim Balance System and considering boot shaving, I also saw that a custom footbed could be made to correct alignment (via ortho doc). I can't see the difference in that as compared to the SBS. (I'm looking to correct a pronation in one foot after injury has made it significantly worse)

Am I looking at this right? Is there something I should also be considering?
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I don't use SBS but would like to take a shot at answering for Mosh as a test of my understanding. If I'm incorrect Mosh will certainly chime in.

Results of SBS and custom footbed may be the same but they are different processes. Custom orthotic made by orthotist, podiatrist, whatever is made to neutral alignment of your foot. No discussion here as to whether it actually accomplishes realignment. However generally speaking that is the procedure and it is non-dynamic measurement method.

Mosh's SBS system uses dynamic testing of balance to find shims necessary to give you most stable balance, which will not necessarily lead to same alignment as neutral foot orthotic.

I don't use Mosh's system and have more to learn about it. However, I would say that if you are trying to correct pronation caused by injury but the pronation is not actually causing you another injury then Mosh's system may be more beneficial to your skiing.

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Ah, fine answer. Thanks for your input.
Anyone else?
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An orthodic or footbed does not accomplish the same results as canting. You may need both.
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