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Question on Boot Sizes

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This is kind of a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway...

I've only been skiing for a year now, but wanted to get my own equipment. I sat down with the guy at the local ski shop, and he talked me through what to look for in a boot, and measured me at a 27.5. I tried on a couple of pairs that I liked, but were out of my price range... then he pulled a pair of Dalbello Avanti V8s off of the used rack. I tried them on and they fit tighter than the others I'd tried on, but he told me that the boots would stretch out a bit as I wore them for a while. I've been wearing them around the house for the last couple of days to try to break them in, but they've been killing my big toes.

My first question is, where on the boot does it say the size? I couldn't find it anywhere, so I can't even be sure if they're a 27.5. Secondly, will they break in a bit more, or be better when I'm actually leaning - or should I try to return them now before they kill my feet?

Thanks in advance for any advice for this newbie!
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did you read the FAQ post?

ALL boots will stretch out after use, That is why you get them tight in the first place.

Also a boot can be made larger, later, so if you need more toe room that can be done.

boots are not made to be worn around the house, they are made to ski in and will be much better when you do that.

when you flex the boot forwards do your toes pull away from the front?

a 27 should have a boot sole length around 310mm-320mm this will be on the outside of the heel of the boot, The size maybe on the liner, maybe on the bottom of the shell.
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The actual size is in different places with different manufacturers. But it is there somewhere. Length Mtnlion gave for shell was correct.

It you measured 27.5 and are in 27.5 you are probably in correct length. Not very often is it necessary to upsize someone.

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Adding to what mntlion and Lou said, read the FAQ on shell fitting. If the shell seems to fit right, try on the liner by itself. Its not uncommon for a liner to be short-lasted. A liner can be stretched to make room for your toes, so don't suffer with this if that is the case. Modifications by a pro fitter are a good investment, are generally inexpensive, and can increase your enjoyment and performance.
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