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EastCoast Ski Recomendation.

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Hello All,

Im getting back to skiing after taking several years off and Im looking for some suggestions, ive done quite a bit of homework but I am confused by all the choices.

My stats- 39 yo, 170 lbs, 5-10. Been sking straight skis since I was two, have demoed some of the newer skis and liked them. I plan to ski only northeast, mostly groomed trails, maybe bumps/offtrail 10-20% of time ( thats about how much we get real powder up here!). I want a ski that is easy to handle/turn/carve. I plan of sking quite a bit so want a ski that I can grow with, I dont mind spending a bit more, I guess i would call myself intermidate/advanced.... Less concerend with speed these days....

Skis im looking at are:

Atomic Nomad Blackeye.
K2 Stryker
Elan Magfire12

But I have no idea how to decide which one is better for me Or any other suggestions of skis to consider.

Also, what size should I be looking at? I was thinking around 170, but would shorter be better for handling if im not too concerend with high speeds???.....

Also, Im looking at advanced skis thinking they are better made, but is there a downside to getting these skis over the intermidate levels like the nomad highnoon?

Any help greatly appericated!

Dazed and confused,

Kindred Kynd
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I wouldn't say that advanced skis are necessarily "better made" then their intermediate counterparts are. Advanced skis are usually somewhat stiffer, meaning it's harder to get the ski to bend into an arc and therefore do a lot of turning for you. There are a lot of posts here on Epic concerning how skiers tend to choose skis by their ego ("oooo, yeah, I need the top-of-the-line version !") when they really don't and wind up holding themselves back.

The only real way to know what ski works for you is to demo.

The Fischer RX8 has a big following here. I swear by the Elan Speedwave 12 as well. Both of those are substantially narrower then the models you list, but they work beautifully for the conditions that we normally experience here in New England.
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Kevin gives sage advice -- DEMO DEMO DEMO if you can !

We all have our opiniions and when i did my last purchase i ended up with a ski that wasn't even on my radar screen . Five of my friends ( all Eastern skiers 30 days /yr Advanced skiers ages 35 -65 ) and i all bought the same skis after demoing and we all went SHORTER 170cm than originally expected .

One guy your age and size went to 160's he'd been on 170's and he feels they are more responsive. he also does bumps and glades about 25% of the time . At your size you may well be able to go shorter say 160 but 170's may be fine too .

Get to a Demo day
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You could de an eeny-meeny-miny-moe with those 3 skis and not make a bad choice. If you have access to demo, do so, but if your gut is leaning you one way or another or you can pick up a fantastic deal on any of them, go for it.
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Thanks for comments and advice, very helpful! Ill check out the RX8 and Elan.
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